Luxury NFTs — lifestyle in the modern tech world

Rapid advancements in technology have transformed the way people live. Believe it or not but modern tech such as block chain, Virtual Reality, NFTs, and the concept of Metaverse enabled people to rethink possibilities around them and make these unique things a part of their lifestyle. There was a time when people used to find and buy unique NFTs that offered only digital art pieces but notions have changed quickly. Now there are certain collectables such as jewelry, pets, and even vehicles that you can purchase as NFTs with their real and physical copies. So, forget about buying your favorite music and paintings, let’s talk about something more worthy and luxurious that superimposes one’s personality. Yes, it is all about costumes, diamonds, horses, and camels that are up for sale as NFTs. This seems like fiction but now it has become a reality. Amsterdam Diamond Club which is a renowned diamond NFT marketplace in Amsterdam has introduced this idea to the entire world. Based on the ERC721 (Non-Fungible Token) standard, each NFT created by this company is one of a kind in both the real and digital world. The company features an exclusive collection of diamond NFTs on its marketplace and offers a true copy of that NFT in the form of a real diamond. This not only sounds cool but exciting too. Just imagine that diamonds that are unique and rare in the real world are also unique and rare in the digital world. You might be thinking about how this whole thing works and makes it possible for you to have a physical copy of your NFTs. Everything remains the same, the buyer needs to choose and buy a unique real item like a diamond, horse, etc. and get it with its unique NFT. This works just like any other NFT created on the Ethereum blockchain and features the buyer to have a physical copy as well. Next to Diamonds, a crazier and amazing idea is to buy a horse NFT. That’s true, now people can buy real horses with their unique NFTs. So, whether you are in the Metaverse or the Real World, your companion will always be there with you. Sustain. Exchange an Islamic Crypto Ecosystem has made it possible. Founded by Sulaiman Al Fahim, a famous businessman and celebrity in the UAE, the idea behind SUST is to promote the crypto world among Muslims and provide them with the opportunity to trade digital currencies in compliance with Sharia Law.

The seller is registered as SUST on and is offering Yemen Al Alya, the royal stallion (horse) from Arabia. It is a unique, attractive, and gray textured horse bred in the UAE. For now, the SUST offers only this horse and it is available for 166 ETH. Along with horses, SUST is also offering a one-of-a-kind real camel with its NFT. The camel is named The Shaheen. This camel is one of those few race-winning camels that still stand apart today in the UAE region. Handled by professional trainers, this camel is truly an irresistible item on the market.

Hailing from Oman, this racer camel is also available on SUST’s marketplace for 33 ETH. Do not forget that the sale is valid until October 2022. Upon talking to SUST officials, it was found that they will soon introduce more similar items for those who value their luxury and lifestyle. Lifestyle and fashion come together and that’s the reason behind fashion’s success in the digital world. From NFTs to the entire Metaverse, the fashion and retail industry has got huge potential and demand. In the quest to unleash it, market leaders have invested huge amounts of money in the metaverse.

To give you an idea, let us share that top brands and celebrities have started buying real estate in the metaverse to open their outlets and organize events that people can visit virtually.

But in addition to that, professional 3D artists from the tech art and fashion designing domain have given the idea of ​​buying digital clothes with their real and physically existing copies. If you are interested and then don’t forget to check out these cool options on top NFT marketplaces like and others. The industry will not stop here even tech futurists say that there is a lot more to come in this new era. With the unprecedented possibilities that block chain, crypto currencies, and 3D arts have brought, mankind is now able to rethink and reimagine everything from the beginning. Not to mention, most digital art pieces sold as NFTs are worthy and counted as unique collectibles. That being said, it also makes sense that items under the segment of luxury and lifestyle are going to be more expensive.

The world has already witnessed sales of unique music albums, match tickets, and visual content as NFTs in millions of dollars. For those who are spending millions in the metaverse, these diamonds and horses are just a few bits of their lifestyle in the digital world. Today the tech world is full of unique ideas and concepts. Digitization, decentralization, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and data sciences have brought a huge impact on our lives.

With such skills and talents, people within the digital space have moved forward in their careers. From a block chain developer to a 3D artist, there are endless possibilities to identify and introduce to the world.

With millions invested even before completely realizing the idea of ​​the virtual world, it is pretty obvious that this world will soon be filled with indefinite luxury and sophistication.

It is also a fact that Gen Z is more towards modern and digital concepts rather than conventional ideas regarding lifestyle. For them, the world of NFTs has introduced a whole new meaning of luxury and sophistication. This is just the beginning and companies like Sustain. Exchange and others will soon bring more amazing ideas.

The writer is a freelancer and an NFT enthusiast. He can be reached at [email protected]

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