Making day to day lives into ‘art’: The DONG-A ILBO

Could daily lives become art? There is someone who made walking into art. English sculptor and artist Richard Long representing ‘Land Art’ or ‘System Art’ derived from conceptual art made it possible.

One day in 1967, Richard Long took a train from Waterloo Station in London and left at an unfamiliar outskirts and walked and walked in and out of the field. Time passed and a path was made in the field. He left a picture of the path which is the first art by Richard Long ‘Line made by walking.’

Richard Long is against the artificial measure of art, which compromises the natural environment. Instead, he makes art of nature by walking as a simple meditation. The path did not exist from the beginning. Furthermore, if people do not walk the path, the path disappears. The path that is made to art for a while will become extinct and must be recorded. This record is the visual art by Richard Long.

Likewise, the meanings are attached to daily lives, the life itself becomes art. An artistic life, a philosophical life begins. All creative and innovative ideas are generated from daily lives. All the very plain lives of going to work, working, having coffee, walking and running become beautiful. The life becomes deeper, and the breath becomes beautiful by every step taken. When your life is recorded into images or video, it becomes visual art and if put into words, it becomes literature.

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