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Shown here is a vehicle’s speedometer showing about 155,000 miles. People are encouraged to take advantage of high mileage tax discounts on their vehicles.

MOUNDSVILLE — The Marshall County Assessor’s Office wants people to know about some tax discounts they can take advantage of.

“We want residents to be aware of these discounts. We try to keep them informed on the discounts so they can see a reduction in their tax bill each year,” Marshall County Assessor Eric Buzzard said Friday.

For example, discounts are given on vehicles with high mileage. High mileage checkpoints are slated from 4:30-6:30 pm Wednesdays at the following locations: Aug. 10, Dallas VFD/Presbyterian Church; Aug. 17, Benwood/McMechen Union Junior High School; and Aug. 24, Cameron City Building.

Checkpoints are also held from 9-11:30 am Saturdays at the following locations: Aug. 6, John Marshall High School; Aug. 13, 12th Street Girls Softball Field, Moundsville; Aug. 20, W.Va. 88 Sherrard Junior High School.

Any deputy assessor can also verify a vehicle’s high mileage from 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday-Friday at the Marshall County Courthouse through Oct. 1.

Buzzard said the newer a vehicle is the larger the discount it receives.

“You would think it would be the opposite, with older vehicles getting a bigger discount. But older vehicles depreciate in value,” he said.

For example, according to the high mileage chart, a 2021 model vehicle would be required to have 30,000 or more miles, while a 2014 or older model needs to have at least 110,000 miles — plus 15,000 miles per vehicle per year older than 2013.

If a person has more than one vehicle with high mileage, they are not required to bring in all the vehicles. They can bring the other vehicle’s mileage information listed on the assessment forms.

Regarding taxes on their home, some people qualify for the homestead exemption. A person must live in and own the home, be at least 65 years old before June 30, 2023, or be permanently or totally disabled.

Buzzard said the homestead exemption can save people anywhere between $200 and $400 per year on their real estate tax bill.

People can fill out an application at the assessor office. Those who are not able to do so can have one delivered by calling 304-845-1490.

There is also a farm discount, which reduces the assessed value of farmland. Farmland is considered at least five acres of land with a production value of at least $1,000.

Buzzard said if someone has fewer than five acres, their production value must be at least $500. Production on the land can include breeding and managing livestock, planting and harvesting crops, home gardens, hay, fruit, berry trees and timber for home heating or fencing.

Buzzard noted in the future he plans to move high mileage checkpoints to different areas of the county.

“We want to make it as convenient as possible for people to receive these discounts,” he said.

“I want to make sure all county residents are aware of each discount offered through my office and the different ways you may be eligible.

Buzzard noted some requirements to qualify have changed over the years for certain discounts. He will continue to run newspaper notices keeping them informed of deadline dates and requirements needed to receive these discounts.

“I encourage any resident who thinks they may be eligible for any of the offered discounts to contact my office with your questions at 304-845-1490,” he said. “We are here to assist all Marshall County residents.

“Discount programs like these will help to relieve some of the tax burden on county taxpayers I hope property owners will take full advantage of opportunities like these for reductions on future tax bills. Please do not hesitate to contact us.”

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