Maury Co. District 8 commission candidates share goals

Maury Co. Commission candidates for Dist. 8 share their objectives and experience ahead of the race.

1. What specific experience and qualifications do you have that make you the candidate for this position?

2. What do you see as the top 3 priorities for Maury County and how do you plan to contribute to accomplishing those priorities?

3. Maury County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state and country. This tremendous growth will require new and improved infrastructure (ie, schools, roads, water, etc.). How do you plan to provide these infrastructure improvements, including any required funding?

Gabe Howard

1. My wife and I run a first-generation farm with our 4 young boys and we are proud to live in Maury County. I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I served in the United States Marine Corps and worked in Washington DC at the Department of State and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency after getting out. I have visited, worked in, been to or through almost 100 countries and I know how blessed we are to be able to live in Maury County. I want to lead Maury County forward through smart and sensible growth. Growth Must Pay for Growth! I am a conservative that will work tirelessly to keep your taxes low, make our schools a priority, protect and preserve our land owners and farmers, always fight for what is the best thing for Maury County and our Community, and do my best to create a UNITED front at the City, County, and School leadership level to ensure we can achieve greater success.


  1. UNITY: We must unite our cities, county, and school system leadership on a common front to move forward with the same goal of making Maury County better than we found it through smart and sensible growth.
  2. SMART & SENSIBLE GROWTH: I want to lead Maury County Forward through smart and sensible growth. Growth Must Pay for Growth! We cannot continue to let developers come here without contributing and putting it on the backs of the generational Maury Countians, OUR community, and County Government. I want to make sure that we continue to make Maury County a better place to live, raise a family, visit, start a business, or move a business here. I want to make sure that we leave Maury County better than we found it for the next generation.
  3. SCHOOLS: We must make education a priority in Maury County. As of right now, we have 120+ vacancies in teachers in our school system and some kids are being taught virtually by teachers out of state. We must work together with the school system to make sure that they have their needs met financially as well as planning for this exponential growth that we are experiencing right now.

3. GROWTH MUST PAY FOR GROWTH! We must continue the fight to get IMPACT fees as they will make a tremendous impact on school infrastructure that we desperately need. I am currently working to get the advocates that we need to be able to bring this bill back in the next session.

Ray Jeter

Candidate Ray Jeter (left)

1. I spent over 10 years at the Maury County Sheriff’s Department. I started my career there as a patrol deputy and served as Chief Deputy under Sheriff Bucky Rowland. During my time as Chief Deputy, I managed the department’s 10 million dollar budget. I worked very closely with the county commission and the budget department. Sheriff Rowland and I had great success with our budgets and overall management of the department – Maury County’s second largest department with over 200 employees. I witnessed first hand what it looks like to county employees when the county commission takes an adverse stance towards their needs. I also witnessed when the county commission treated their employees as one of their greatest assets, not a liability. Today, I serve as an Operations Manager & Project Executive for Harness, LLC, here in Maury County. We are a site grading and utilities contractor. I manage and see to the daily operations of our multi-million dollar construction business. My time in the role of Chief Deputy and Operations Manager has uniquely prepared me for service as a commissioner if the people of the 8th district decide to elect me. I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but if elected, I will listen to the needs of the county and do my best to find the best solutions to the issues at hand.


  1. Impact Fees. We HAVE to pursue impact fees on new construction. We cannot stand by while development after development is approved that will bring thousands into our county without a way to fund the growth. It is UNFAIR and UNJUST to raise property taxes on the elderly and land owners of this county to build schools for the new families moving into these developments. It is also unfair for new families to spend so much on a house and have their kids go to overcrowded schools, or in some cases, sit in classrooms in trailers. If elected, I will be pursuing all available options and not taking no for an answer from the State Legislators.
  2. Safety. As Maury County grows, we have to ensure that Sheriff Rowland has what he needs to be successful at securing and defending our County from criminal activity and anarchy. If elected, I will do this by making sure he has adequate staffing and equipment. I will also remove any obstacle that stands to hinder his work.
  3. County & Cities HAVE to work together. The days of the City and County pointing fingers at each other are over. We have to work together or both the City’s and County’s residents will continue to suffer the consequences. If elected, I will pursue resolution(s) to appoint a county commissioner as a liaison to each City within our county, and task this commissioner to be the County’s representation during the City’s council meetings and planning commissions – preferably the Chair or Vice Chair of the Commission or the County Mayor.

3. See the last part of Number Two.

Debbie Notley

Candidate Debbie Notley

1. My many years of public service with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office as a Community Service Officer and Crime Prevention Specialist have afforded me the opportunity to be proficient in public speaking, collaboration, problem solving, budgeting and planning. I have experience in studying plans to project the needs of the community as it pertains to law enforcement and emergency response (past president, Law Enforcement Environmental Planning Association).

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