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Korea is an IT powerhouse, but it is also a cultural powerhouse. It is the first time in the 57-year history of Korea that it is an IT powerhouse, but it is also a cultural powerhouse. It is the first time in the 57-year history of the UN Trade and Development (UNCTAD) that Korea, which was a developing country group, has been upgraded to a developed group including the United States and the United Kingdom. Today, the proud film director Bong Joon-ho of Parasite, which has led Korea to become a cultural powerhouse, actress Yuh-Jung Youn of Minari, Squid Game, BTS’s Dynamite, Permission to Dance, etc. It is recognized for its special creative spirit. In this trend, it is also worth paying attention to the abilities of directors Kim Young-geun and Kim Ye-young, who held the world’s first tent film festival. This is because the tent film festival they had envisioned about 12 years ago has developed into Netflix as an older brother.

A tent film festival is literally a film festival in which movies are screened in tents. When you go to a short film festival, several short films and animation works are screened consecutively in one section. A large theater and good acoustics will surely be a magnificent environment for producers and audiences. However, director Kim Young-geun and Kim Ye-young wondered what it would be like to have a film system with several small dedicated theaters for each short film. I dreamed of a fun film festival where producers can freely decorate their theaters with images related to movies, and can communicate directly with the audience on the road like street musicians who perform on the street and mingle freely with the public. The Tent Film Festival is a small but diverse theater created with such a desire.

Image Source: The Metaverse Tent Film Festival

Tent Film Festival screens one short film or animation in one tent. It is possible to dispel the fate of short films that had to be screened with several other films due to their short length and display only one work. Also, in many cases, the concept in a short story is more important than anything else. If there is an image that expresses the concept well or there is a screening in a movie, the story you want to tell can be conveyed more clearly and intensely, and the audience will be able to see it in a more three-dimensional way. You will be able to appreciate the work. Until now, short films and animations had to be enjoyed by the audience, even if they were not difficult and experimental. It is a theater that is visited by the public, and audiences who feel difficult and distant even if they do not know short films or animation well can easily enjoy the fun of short films.

In that way, the event that started with a small tent on the street developed step by step, and director Kim Young-geun and Kim Ye-young prepared to hold many tent film festivals in Seoul Yeouido and Hangang Park last summer. However, all events were canceled due to the impact of the corona pandemic, and at this time, the alternative that directors Kim Young-geun and Kim Ye-young found was the Metaverse Film Festival. They tried to reproduce the offline experience enjoyed by the audience and the directors in the Metaverse space that reproduces the Hangang Park. As a result, it was said that the event was successfully concluded as it received more attention than expected. The reaction from the audience was also very good.

Image Source: The Metaverse Tent Film Festival

The Metaverse Tent Film Festival, which has been transformed from a tent film festival into a Metaverse film festival, is preparing for 2022 events twice in August and October as a more specialized plan. They need their own worldview in order for the audience to immerse themselves in the Metaverse, and they have built a witty and interesting sci-fi background story, and they are serializing it as a constituent unit. They introduce wonderful works through the film festival, and at the same time, they design the film festival itself to be enjoyed as a work. Audiences will be able to enjoy various works and interesting contents of the festival in three dimensions together by entering a virtual world with a solid worldview as if enjoying a game. Furthermore, we will pay attention to efforts to actively utilize NFTs, build a profit structure for creators, and form a community of art lovers.

Image Source: The Metaverse Tent Film Festival

These are the various tent theaters where people in the pandemic age watch movies at home instead of going to the cinema. Now, people will not find offline film festivals, but find tent film theaters in Metaverse as a sign. Just as non-face-to-face meetings become routine without going to New York or Beijing, the weekend tent film festival will become a part of the culture. Due to the explosive increase in demand for smartphones and the demand for various apps, Netflix content is becoming more diversified. The Metaverse, which has emerged as a new trend in the pandemic era, helps to transcend the limits of time and space to create a variety of content. The process is changing like offline film festival events, and it is changing into an era where many global companies as well as the governments of each country actively use the Metaverse.

This year’s Tent Film Festival is hosted by the ‘Studio YOG’ Kim Young-geun and Kim Ye-young. The 18th Tent Film Festival will be held from August 26 to 28, 2022, and the 19th Tent Film Festival will be held on October 21, 2022. It will be held in the Metaverse space from the 1st to the 30th. For more information about the event, visit I think the biggest advantage of short animation is freedom. Since there is no set content, technique, or form, it can contain everything from the characteristics of a feature film to the characteristics of a pure painting. Such sustainability is meaningful in itself, and furthermore, it will become a foundation for development in various fields. Now, everyone around the world will pay attention to the Metaverse Tent Film Festival, which is trying to unfold that aspect in the Metaverse space.

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