Midland area chemists, students and educators honored by the American Chemical Society

MIDLAND, MI – Over 80 students, educators and industry professionals were recognized for their work and achievements in the chemistry profession during an annual awards event in Midland.

The Midland Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) celebrates its 2022 award recipients on May 4. The organization offers out awards each year to recognize noteworthy achievements in the chemical sciences. Due to the date being frequently referred to as Star Wars Day, the in-person event was held with a Star Wars theme.

“This 31st banquet feels special after so many virtual events. It is great to celebrate the great accomplishments of so many people in person, “said Diana Deese, chair of the awards.

According to the organizers, a particularly noteworthy award that was given was the “Outstanding Achievement and Promotion of the Chemical Sciences” to Dr. Richard K. Helling, recently retired associate director for sustainability and life-cycle assessment at Dow Chemical. Helling was recognized for its commitment to developing and implementing tools to better assess and guide actions in the industry that will lead to more sustainable products and processes, according to organizers.

Four Dow employees were also recognized as “Outstanding Chemical Technicians: Duane Vance, Matt Crimmins, Carl Reinhardt and Ben Schaefer.

Other awards that were given include the “Outstanding Chemical Technology Student” Award for 2022. It was awarded to Collin M. Clark of Delta College.

Educators recognized for “Outstanding Achievement” awards include: Lori Hall (Herig / Zilwaukee) for Elementary Level, Middle School from Jefferson in Midland, Michael Graves and Jennifer Lehman, from Northeast in Midland, Victoria McPeak, Rebecca Stinson and Megan Konkol. Jessica Schwarz of Valley Lutheran in Saginaw was recognized at the high-school level. Tami Sivy of SVSU was selected as the “Outstanding College Chemistry” educator. Dale LeCaptain of CMU was selected as this year’s Education Volunteer.

Students from four local colleges received “Outstanding College Chemistry Student” awards: From Alma, Margaret Hanna and Megan E. Schornack, from CMU, Kaylee Jaksa, Alan H. Weible, Payton A. Wolbert, and Emma I. Placzek, from Delta. Jack Kukulis, and from SVSU, Alivia Barres and Caleb Whittaker.

Students who were recognized for “Outstanding High School Chemistry” were: Breanna Lango (All Saints), Moritz Richter (Alma), Hailee Jefferson (Arthur Hill), Isabella Martindale (Bay-Arenac Community), Ashley Young (Bay City Central), Alyssa Burger (Bay City Western), Emma Carlson (Beal City), Meghan Oberski (Birch Run), Julia Rowe (Breckenridge), Sanaii Liles (Bridgeport), Quinn VanZile (Bullock Creek), Caleb Hughes (Calvary Baptist), Michelle Weber (Carrollton), Elizabeth Kelsey (Coleman), Ty Murray (Coleman), Logan Lipka (Frankenmuth), Noah Black (Dow), Alexander Light (Hemlock), Brynn Bootsma (Ithaca), Adam Reno (Glenn), Nathan Rowe (Merrill) ), Faith Persyn (Midland), Rojie Wang (Mt. Pleasant), Sarah Parashar (Saginaw Arts & Sciences), Anna Lator (Shepherd), Adam Klump (St. Charles), Maya Schnorenberg (Swan Valley), Zack Blazejewski (Valley) Lutheran).

The annual Chemistry Olympiad competition for the Certificate of Achievement was also given to Joseph Crachiola (Saginaw Arts and Sciences), Leah Jankoska (Bay City Western), Jacqueline Ko (Mt. Pleasant), Thomas Ladwein (Dow) and Devlin Wieszczencinski (Saginaw Arts and Sciences).

A full list of the awards and recipients can be found at awards.midlandacs.org.

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