Mirada Drives Innovation for Brands on the Cusp of a Digital Revolution

As talks surrounding the metaverse and the world entering a new digital revolution shift from speculation to reality, there are more opportunities for brands to tap into virtual worlds, immersive experiences, and connect with audiences in new ways than ever before. To help brands better understand the current landscape and spark discussions around this new frontier, the technology innovators at Mirada joined forces with Digiday to host an insightful conversation covering emerging technologies, trends, and the future of brand building. Hosted on August 4th at Soho Works in West Hollywood, industry futurists from Mirada, Sony Entertainment, Landvault, and Golden Voice came together for discussions moderated by Digiday’s senior media editor, Tim Peterson, that explored the opportunities and challenges around brand activation and marketing in the metaverse.

During the event, Mirada innovation and metaverse lead, Margot Rodde, and Mirada creative director, Robin Ressella, joined Coachella Innovation Lead, Sam Schoonover, former Sony Entertainment SVP of digital marketing, Aaron Wahle, Landvault director of strategic partnership, John Kraski, and Landvault global VP of marketing, Charles Adkins. Their in-depth conversation examined how brands can overhaul traditional marketing strategies and refocus their efforts on the metaverse, from asset design and creating interactive and gamified experiences, to seeking new opportunities to engage with fans and build community. To further define best metaverse marketing practices, the panel discussed how brands can decide which metaverse to market it, understand the optimal means of engagement, recognize design and technical challenges, and accurately gauge performance.

“While the metaverse may feel like an esoteric concept to many, it offers endless opportunities for innovation, creativity, and connection. For brands to stay relevant in today’s market, it’s critical they stop thinking about the metaverse as a hypothetical solution, and start exploring how they can integrate new virtual and immersive experiences into their marketing practices,” shared Mathew Miguel Cullen, founder and president, Mirada .

Mirada is a Trailer Park Group company that exists to find the intersection of storytelling and technology, with a focus on creating engaging content across all media platforms. Mirada’s world-class directors are experts at creating immersive and pioneering experiences that connect with audiences on a deeper level. For more information, click here.


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