Mutant Musks Shake Up the Metaverse With an Intergalactic Gaming Experience

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about the metaverse and how it connects the physical world with the digital realm. With many opportunities in the space, we have seen more projects being launched that are disrupting real estate, entertainment, fashion, and even gaming. One such project that has shaken up the metaverse and brought a new concept to gaming is Mutant Musks.

Mutant Musks is a blue-chip NFT project that is taking gamers into the metaverse. The unique collection of 10,000 NFTs inspired by Elon Musk is creating more opportunities in the metaverse and leading the gaming industry into space. The Mutant Musks NFT mint date is on the 30th of July, and the price of each NFT will be 0.1 ETH ($150). Besides the gaming industry experiencing a progressive boom, this is also an investment into NFTs that are expected to rise 3-4 times in value.

Mutant Musks is developing a metaverse game that, according to the team of experts behind Mutant Musks, will help its members to discover a new side of the metaverse as they break down what the metaverse really is and its pros and cons. Mutant Musks are creating an intergalactic competitive shooter experience. This will evolve competitive online gaming and give gamers a chance to monetize their passions as it leads the gaming sector to the next level.

The gaming industry has changed and improved dramatically over the last decade. But there is still room for improvement as some problems still stop the industry from reaching its full potential.

Other obstacles, such as accessibility issues, limited monetization, and significant segmentation, have continued to hinder industry growth. Mutant Musks is working to create a permanent solution to these problems as it changes competitive online gaming.

The team at Mutant Musks has used the metaverse to create the best gaming experience for its players and their holders. They are taking gamers and NFT lovers into this new universe as they explore life on different planets such as Mars.

With their intergalactic shooter experience, Mutant Musks is working to change competitive gaming as it gives players a chance to explore Mars. The mutants are already on Mars and are waiting for you to join them, where you will tour Mars through the metaverse. The mutants will have the opportunity to purchase land as talks about transforming humanity into a multi-planetary species continue.

Mutant Musks is a project inspired by Elon Musk, and their goal is to take their project to Mars. Mutant Musks are created to resemble the appearance of Elon Musk.

With metaverse projects starting to take off, Mutant Musks is at the forefront of the crypto gaming industry.

They have built a solid community of gamers and NFT lovers with over 120K followers on Twitter and 80K members on Discord, and their game is in full development. The early stages of the gameplay can be seen on their Twitter.

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