My ‘weird’ side hustle makes up to $800 a week – I only paid $35 to get started and only took a couple hours

A TIKTOKER has made $120 for just three hours of work mowing lawns – and he said that even more can be made.

The side hustle comes from TikToker by the name of Resell University.

Resell University has over 15,000 TikTok followers who look to him for side hustles


Resell University has over 15,000 TikTok followers who look to him for side hustlesCredit:
After all fees that he paid getting started, mowing lawns made him $120


After all fees that he paid getting started, mowing lawns made him $120Credit:

He typically posts TikToks testing out-of-the-ordinary side hustles upon his followers’ request.

Once he completes each hustle, he’ll grade them on a classic A to F scale to see if they are worth pursuing or not.

His recent video comes as some online sleuths have said mowing lawns can make up to $90 an hour.

The hustler put the theory to the test and got started.

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The lawn-mowing process

To get started, he created and then printed out flyers to advertise his new venture.

He then went to Home Depot and rented a lawn mower for four hours, costing him only $22.

With his flyers and mower, he drove to a neighborhood knocking on doors to find customers.

In the video, he said it took just one hour to find three people who actually did need their lawns mowed.

So I charged them $50 per yard and got started.

He said each yard took about an hour to cut and made $150 in three hours after doing all three.

However, he didn’t keep the entire profit.

The money breaks down like this: $150 in profit minus $25 for the rented mower and $10 for gas.

The hustler walked away with $120 for a solid three hours of work.

If you donate for an entire week, you may be able to make close to $800 a week.

Similar side hustles

Caden Boof, who goes by cadenboof on TikTok, recently posted a video where he gave car washing a try after hearing you can earn up to $50.

To get started, he had to spend a bit of money on supplies, which cost nearly $115 in total.

Caden said that while you can make $50 an hour, getting your name out there and finding clients may be difficult.

Additionally, I have sought out window washing to see if the hustle was worth it.

He bought a window washing kit for $60 and spent another $20 on flyers so he can put them on every door in his neighborhood.

Caden charged them $5 per small window and $10 per large window.

It took him about three minutes to wash each window coming out to about $100 an hour.

He that this hustle was definitely worth it as you can make decided anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour for pretty simple work.

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