Net Kohen’s LinkMe: The New Platform Elevating Digital Networking

In today’s globally connected day and age, networking is the name of the game. Networking can spell success for your personal brand or business, helping you attract an audience and connect with a wider consumer base. Like a lot of things, building a network today means going online on several platforms. But with each networking platform having a different set of features and algorithms, it can be tough to curate all of your posts. The solution to this problem? LinkMe, an all new networking app. Designed to be a comprehensive networking app, it has everything you need to grow your audience and make meaningful connections.

LinkMe is an upgraded version of the networking platforms available today. It comes with all the essential features people have grown accustomed to, such as in-app instant messaging. This allows users to send direct messages and communicate with each other without leaving the app or using a different platform.

But the app also has a unique feature called the Shout feed. On this feed, LinkMe users can Shout messages, photos, or videos to everyone around the globe, sharing updates about their brand or product. It allows them to get creative with promoting their brand, business, products or events.

LinkMe also has a brilliant solution for ensuring newcomers can find users across all social media platforms. This new app has an impressive link-in bio feature where users and business owners can add links to their social media platforms and websites, thereby directing everyone to their content. This saves time and makes it more convenient for users to find each other across different platforms.

This innovative networking app is designed to give users a comprehensive and seamless experience. Growing a brand is already a challenging endeavour, so LinkMe wants to ease the burden of entrepreneurs by giving them a smooth and easy user experience on the app.

The creative mastermind behind this elevated networking app is tech entrepreneur Net Kohen. LinkMe is Net’s latest tech venture, but he is also known for establishing NXTGEN. At only 22 years old, Net Kohen is now the CEO and co-founder of LinkMe. Although he is young, he has been involved in the tech industry since he was in high school. Helping technology move forward has been a huge part of his life, and Net Kohen names innovative tech as one of his passions.

Net Kohen and LinkMe view technology as a way to have a minimal environmental impact. Instead of networking the traditional way with printed business cards or advertising, entrepreneurs can go entirely paperless when promoting their brands on LinkMe. By going the digital route, users can rest assured that they are doing their part in reducing the number of trees cut down for paper production.

Although LinkMe is a relatively new networking platform, it has already cemented its reputation as the newer and better way to network. More users are signing up on the platform every day. In fact, LinkMe has numerous users in over 180 countries and surpassed one million followers on its Instagram page, solidifying the app as the hottest new innovation in digital networking today.

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