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PCAS (Euronext Paris: PCA)a specialist in developing and producing complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies, has announced the publication of its consolidated net sales as of March 31, 2022.

The PCAS Group has generated consolidated net sales of € 51.2 million as of March 31, 2022, a 1.2% decrease compared to the same period during the previous financial year (-3.0% at constant exchange rates).

In millions of euros 2022 2021 % change 2022 At a constant exchange rate % change
Sales as of 31 March 51.2 51.8 -1.2% 50.3 -3.0%
Pharmaceutical Synthesis 31.3 35.3 -11.3% 30.7 -12.9%
Fine Specialty Chemicals 19.9 16.5 20.5% 19.5 18.2%

Pharmaceutical Synthesis

The Pharmaceutical Synthesis business generated sales of € 31.3 million, an 11.3% decrease compared to 2021 (a 12.9% decrease at a constant exchange rate). This decrease can be explained primarily by lower volumes on several products, in particular hand sanitizers, as well as a lower R&D activity over the quarter. The activity however benefited from the first positive effects of the commercial production of Estetrol for Mithra at the Villeneuve-la-Garenne site and which volumes are expected to increase over the rest of 2022 and in 2023, as well as from a strong demand at the sites of Turku in Finland and Aramon.

Fine Specialty Chemicals

Net sales of Fine Specialty Chemicals totaled € 19.9 million, a 20.5% increase compared to 2021 (+ 18.2% at a constant exchange rate). All the activities have experienced a strong growth in sales with, in particular, a very strong demand on Electronics, Cosmetics and Lubricant Additives. Supply and logistical difficulties were able to be controlled and ultimately had only a small impact on net sales. Several new projects were also launched.


All the PCAS Group teams, with the support of its majority shareholder Seqens for the financing of its activities and its development, remain fully committed to improving the results in 2022 and a return to positive results in 2023, supported by the ramp-up in Estetrol volumes for Mithra.


Shareholders’ meeting, June 9, 2022


PCAS specializes in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies. With about 12% of its net sales earmarked for R&D and a large international footprint, PCAS is the preferred industrial partner for market-leading major global groups. Boasting especially high standards, the company offers a growing range of proprietary products and solutions in leading-edge segments. PCAS generated net sales of € 187.0 million in 2021 and employs nearly 1100 people in six countries.
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  • PCAS – Press release ENG – Code of affairs of 31 March 2022_


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