New Door Property Transfer Introduces Ability for Real

ALLENTOWN, PA, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Door Property Transfer (NDPT) announces implementation of its all-new, full-service title agency-building program to help real estate leaders and brokers.

Founded by CEO Alex Lopez, NDPT features a collection of industry experts with vast knowledge and the capabilities to perform all transactions, across the United States, while offering optimal customer service and guidance. Additionally, some benefits of partnering with NDPT include retention and recruitment of agents, and 100% RESPA compliance.

New Door Property Transfer comes equipped with a full-service suite for real estate agents, like contract transferment and a point-of-contact. For consumers, NDPT walks them through the homebuying process, which includes insurance and ownership stakes, execution of all documents, meeting compliance, and optimal service to lenders.

“Everyone has to win and that includes clients, employees and consumers,” said Lopez. “If we all win together, then we are doing something right. I’m passionate about helping people change their lives, whether building partnerships or guiding team leaders to provide for their respective companies, real estate is a vehicle for me to help them achieve their goals.”

To find out more about launching a title agency and taking a company to the next level, please schedule an initial consultation at

About New Door Property Transfer

New Door Property Transfer provides smooth home property title transfers and closing services for consumers, lenders, and investors. The company was founded in 2019 by Alex Lopez, CEO of Homeway Real Estate. For more information, please visit

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