New ‘Revolutionary’ Idea Helps Haddonfield Businesses, Creator Says

HADDONFIELD, NJ – Until recently, when a vendor in downtown Haddonfield wanted to provide its customers with gift cards, all an organization calling itself Partnership for Haddonfield could offer was a paper card, a leader of that organization said.

This process kept the vendor from getting the funds from a sale right away, according to Michael Marciante, Executive Director of the Partnership for Haddonfield.

There had to be a better way, and Marciante told Patch he went on a mission to find it.

“It was my research that discovered Yiftee as an electronic gift card service,” he said in an interview. “I discovered them last holiday season when researching ways to expedite our gift card service both for the purchaser and the merchants.”

The rest of the partnership felt the idea was “revolutionary,” he said. In addition, “the Downtown Haddonfield merchants who quickly adapted to this new method of support,” he continued.

Customers can buy the new electronic gift cards via this link and then send the cards directly to the recipients via email or text, according to Marciante. Recipients can redeem the cards at any participating vendor and then the vendor receives the charge the same day the recipient makes a purchase, according to Marciante.

“We’ve taken downtown Haddonfield’s greatest gift and made it better,” he said.

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