Nigeria in dire need of critical thinking engineers to revamp housing sector – Akpobome

Desirous of improving the fortune of Nigerian engineers in the country, politician and entrepreneur, Ajuechi Akpobome has called for critical thinking that could bring forth innovative ideas among Nigerian engineers.

Akpobome who spoke at a 2-day webinar for creative and critical thinking for Engineers in the private and public sectors emphasized the need for the Nigerian Academy of Engineering (NAE) to push for policies that would make government create engineers that will change the country for the better

Akpobome who is a serial entrepreneur and construction engineer with more than two decades of experience hinted that Nigerians will continue to lose their best brains to foreign countries that have policies that have contributed to the development of their countries through their engineers.

He stated that while the government needs to invest in infrastructure development and training of its citizens, practitioners must not just be trained to do bookwork and produce gadgets, but to solve human problems.

Also known as Brownflex and Cement Mogul, Akpobome, who is the founder of Brownflex Multi-Global Nigeria Limited a company which is also a major distributor of Dangote Cement emphasized the need for professional engineers to seek more knowledge and keep themselves abreast of innovations currently ruling the world of engineering across the globe.


Nigeria in dire need… Nigeria in dire need…

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