North Myrtle Beach’s homeless population

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Across the Grand Strand, there are programs that help the homeless population, but some leaders say they feel stuck when it comes to improving those programs.

Just in North Myrtle Beach, a spokesperson for the city said that there have been a rise of homeless people.

Because of that, Jolene Puffer, a North Myrtle Beach resident, put together a connection to the Bay Watch Hotel so that those who are homeless need to come together and find new ways to help those in need over their heads.

Some of the groups that took part are Hopes Kitchen, Sea Haven, New Directions and North Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue.

They discussed the issues they had when it comes to helping the homeless.

Diane Shell, who started volunteering with Hope’s Kitchen after her husband died, said

“There’s a need out there for people and when they ask me, ‘Where can I get this?’ or ‘Where can I get that?’ All I can do is sympathize with them, and I don’t know where to get the answer for people, ”said Shell.

CEO Micheal Woods for Western Carolina Rescue Mission in Asheville spoke to the meeting. Woods said the first step is to provide mental health care.

“If we prioritize, putting mental health professionals on the street, working with these individuals, paying them as local employees, then we can engage with the services they need,” Woods said.

The other issue is that Horry County needs a transitional program. The program will help those who are homeless and get a healthy place in life.

“To be homeless has been traumatized. There’s a trauma that is taking place that is the cause of being homeless or just the act of becoming homeless that is creating that in your life. Dealing with that in your life from a healthy place to life

Woods mentioned that having a transitional program will be a challenge for homeless people who are OK with being homeless.

There will be other meetings in June to discuss ways to help those who are homeless.

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