Oklahoma is looking for the next Amazon-level business

While a massive incentive package earlier this year wasn’t enough to get Panasonic to build a new eclectic car battery facility in the state, a new state-backed business accelerator program carries with it hopes that the next Panasonic can be built from the ground up in Oklahoma.

Or the next Amazon, or Tesla, or another company in an industry that hasn’t even been invented yet.

In recent years, Oklahoma has been more aggressive in going after new businesses, using hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks and other incentives. Most are aimed at attracting an established company and are the types of incentives that have been debated about how much economic gain they can really add to a state.

But a new $15 million business accelerator program, while much more modest than the nearly $700 million the state recently offered Panasonic, seeks to help launch a successful company, using a combination of public and private funds to boost the state’s startup culture.

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