ONYX Systems, LLC launches DX15 Micro Floor Scrubber

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Huntersville, NC, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ONYX Systems, LLC an innovator of technology powering a cleaner future, is excited to announce and introduce the latest addition to our battery powered floor-care range, the DX15 15″ Floor Scrubber. This machine is small, maneuverable, and light. Ideal for small retail or commercial applications. These machines clean fast with best- in-class productivity, are simple to operate, and are reliable. They have a superior specification, including:

  • 125Ah, 12V AGM maintenance-free batteries
  • 3 – 4-hour run time
  • 7-Gallon solution/8-Gallon recovery tanks
  • 27″ squeegee and waste water recovery width
  • Cleans up to 16,000 Sq-Ft per hour

ONYX DX15 Floor Scrubber with two 12V AGM 125 a/h batteries, yielding industry leading 3–4-hour runtimes. The unit has a 15″ rotating scrubbing brush with a 27″ squeegee width to assure users of a streak-free clean with easy and complete cleaning solution pick-up. The unit has a 7-gallon cleaning solution tank and 8-gallon recovery tank. Unit is designed for small commercial and retail applications. Engineered for hygienic, light, convenient cleaning in small area commercial applications such as:

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Bathrooms
  • Small retail establishments

Most micro floor scrubbers have the squeegee and waste water recovery vacuum mounted right behind the scrubbing head, directly coupled on the frame of the machine. The ONYX DX15 has a floating squeegee and waste water recovery vacuum system that is not directly coupled to the frame of the machine. This results in no residual liquid trace marks regardless of the turning angle of the machine, and up against hard edges.

This ONYX floor scrubber is capable of cleaning up to 16,000 Sq Ft per hour. This machine is an excellent investment for regular cleaning applications of smaller commercial spaces. These quick-cleaning scrubbers allow for optimal work productivity, and the associated labor productivity advantages. These machines help reduce the risk of slip and fall hazards, and leave your floor surfaces looking pristine and clean, without the need to hire a professional cleaning company.

“Our DX15 Micro Floor Scrubber deep cleans small retail facilities such as gas stations, restaurants, and coffee shops in a fraction of the time of traditional mopping while creating a significantly cleaner and healthier environment”, according to Sales VP, Jeremy Hahne.

More info and quote at:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 858-3533
Visit our website at https://www.onyxsolutions.com



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