Oprah Loves This On-Sale Clevr Blends Latte Starter Kit

Most of us may never get the chance to grab a cup of coffee with Oprah, but enjoying her favorite latte each morning gets us a little closer. Clevr Blends’ Oat Milk Lattes — The Starter Kit, specifically — landed on the prestigious “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list in 2021, where the media mogul revealed she drinks one of the sugar-free, dairy-free lattes every single day. While Oprah always has a few big-ticket items on her list, this choice is on the more affordable side — even more so now that it’s now on sale.

Her neighbor, Meghan Markle, reportedly introduced her to the brand, and now Oprah — and more than 5,700 other shoppers — can’t get enough. Made with “mind-clearing, mood-lifting ingredients,” Clever Blends’ Oat Milk Lattes are available in six different flavors: Matcha, Chai, Golden, Coffee, Rose Cocoa, and Sleeptime (a caffeine-free option).

The Starter Kit is perfect for those experiencing Clevr Blends for the first time; it comes with your choice of two 14-serving latte mixes, a rechargeable frother, and a perfectly portioned scoop. Typically, the kit retails for $79, but it’s currently on sale for $59.25 with code SIPSMARTER.



Buy It! Clevr Blends Starter Kit, $59.25; cleverblends.com

The directions are simple, too. For a hot latte, just add 3 tablespoons of the latte mix to 8 ounces of hot water, and froth or blend “until perfect microfoam appears.” For the iced version, use 5 ounces of warm water with the mix, and pour over ice. According to one reviewer, no matter which way you make your latte, “it never disappoints.”

In case you were curious about the cost per latte, we did the math for you. For just under $60, you’ll be able to make 28 drinks, putting each one at $2.14. Compare that to a tall Matcha Tea Latte at Starbucks, which will cost you around $3.95 (plus tax). Along with the cost savings, you’ll also get the added benefits of the Clevr Blends latte formula.

The Matcha, Chai, Golden, and Rose Cocoa flavors feature ingredients that help boost your mood and immunity, soothe stress and anxiety, enhance focus, and stop any crashes or jitters. Sleeptime, on the other hand, is made with ingredients that lead to relaxation, gentle drowsiness, and deep sleep.

Healthier than your regular latte, recommended by the Duchess of Sussex, and approved by Oprah? It doesn’t get much better than that. Upgrade your morning routine with Clevr Blends’ Latte Starter Kit while it’s on sale now.

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