Outside state Treasurer’s office, Dita Bhargava outlines her plan for the job

Outside the state Treasurer’s office Tuesday, Democrat Dita Bhargava of Greenwich unveiled her vision for the job, which focuses on socially responsible investments and blunting the effects of record inflation on the state’s pension portfolio.

Bhargava, who ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for state Treasurer in 2018, is in a three-way-race against Karen Dubois-Walton, head of the New Haven Housing Authority, and Erick Russell, former vice chair of the state Democratic party and a bond lawyer with Pullman & Comley, both of whom are from New Haven.

State Sen. Saud Anwar, D-South Windsor, and state Reps. Anne Hughes, D-Easton, and Kerry Wood, D-Rocky Hill, joined Bhargava in Hartford for the release of her campaign platform.

Russell received the party endorsement at the Democratic convention last month. But Bhargava, a former Wall Street trader, cited her prior experience running a statewide campaign and being the first Democrat in the race to raise the $ 86,600 in small contributions required to apply for the Citizens Election Program.

“I do think that this time around people will remember that they voted for me, remember why they voted for me,” Bhargava said.

Republican state Rep. Harry Arora, of Greenwich, the frontrunner for his party, became the first candidate to qualify for public financing in the race.

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