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Inventors are from Mars; lawyers are from Venus: misunderstandings about an invalid patent or invalid patent

RALEIGH, NC, US, June 22, 2022 / / – Stacks presents Patent Lawyer Finder, a free, AI-powered tool designed by inventors for the inventors as a community service for the benefit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Even though inventors can file a patent on their own, it is not disclosed and protected. But not all patent lawyers are equally qualified to work on a technical invention. A patent lawyer must understand the technology, knows the field of the invention, and can identify the critical aspects of the invention to protect. Otherwise, inventors could end up with a weak or invalid patent.

“Early in my career, I encountered this problem firsthand. Behnam Kia, Stacks’ CEO. “Fortunately, in Stacks, we have the expertise and means to solve our problem, and now we are making this solution freely available to the rest of the community,” he continues.

To develop this tool, Stacks collected all published US patents since 2005. Then trained in the patents and the type of technology each disclosed. This trained model is the core of the Patent Lawyer Finder tool. When the inventor describes the invention or discovery in natural language, this trained model compares the description against all US patents and finds the patents relevant to this specific subject matter. Then the Patent Lawyer Finder extracts the name of lawyers and law firms that have filed these patents. In the end, the tool shows the results as a histogram of highly active lawyers in the inventor’s field of invention and also gives the list of lawyers and law firms that have filed patents for the most similar inventions.

“To help the inventors assess the credentials of these lawyers and law firms, we can also find other similar filed patents, experience in years, the total number of patents, and notable frequent clients Also, we provide the lawyers’ contact information, “says Dr. Alireza Behtash, Stacks’ CTO.

Inventors do not need to disclose propriety or sensitive details of their invention or discovery; they can just explain the field of invention and the problem of invention solves in natural language. Furthermore, inventors don’t have to worry about the choice of words and the terminology to describe the invention. Powered by the latest Advances in deep learning, Patent Lawyer

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