Petrelli Previtera Opens the First Divorce Law Office in the Metaverse

Sign for Petrelli Previtera’s metaverse office

“Opening a metaverse office allows us to continue to leverage technology to elevate the client experience. We remain on the cutting edge of divorce law by providing our clients the best experience possible through the option most convenient to the client. ”

Meta Productions, LLC, a vertically integrated NFT-based metaverse company, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, LawCity.Com, the first legal district in the metaverse, has signed a virtual land lease agreement with Petrelli Previtera, LLC, one of the Fastest growing divorce law firms in the US, with 42 attorneys across 19 offices.

With the agreement, Petrelli Previtera is now an anchor tenant in LawCity.Com’s Veritas Tower located at 37, -58 in Decentraland, and is the first divorce firm to establish an office in the metaverse.

“As we’ve seen with the internet and social media, people in need of legal services will use technology to learn about their legal issues and connect with lawyers and law firms,” ​​said Richard Grungo, Jr., a founder of . “We’re excited to welcome Petrelli Previtera to LawCity.Com’s Veritas Tower because family law issues like divorce and custody are prevalent legal issues. We believe that people may feel more comfortable educating themselves anonymously as avatars in the metaverse about these sensitive legal topics. ”

Thomas J. Petrelli, Jr. and Melinda Previtera have been practicing divorce law for 20 and 12 years respectively. Petrelli Previtera is on a mission to empower every person facing marital crisis to invest in their future to achieve their greatest potential by taking action, today. Already recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the US in 2019, 2020, and 2021, the firm has also been listed in the Inc. 5000.

“Our firm has grown at the rate it has because we recruit like-minded employees who are as passionate about helping people transition through divorce as we are. We are not your traditional law firm. We are a technology and growth-minded organization focused on client service and disrupting the traditional divorce experience. Our team succeeds because they truly believe in our company’s mission and core values. We are committed to investing in our employees who, in turn, invest in the clients, ”said Thomas J. Petrelli, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Petrelli Previtera, LLC. “Opening a metaverse office allows us to continue to leverage technology to elevate the client experience. We remain on the cutting edge of divorce law by providing our clients the best experience possible through the option most convenient to the client. ”

“We are redefining the divorce experience and inspiring a lifestyle reset that leaves one feeling energized, empowered, and optimistic. We look at divorce as the beginning of a new phase in a person’s life. The divorce process can be an opportunity for achieving one’s greatest purpose. It just takes the commitment to invest in one’s personal journey and hiring the right firm to guide you through it, ”said Melinda M. Previtera, co-founder and managing partner at Petrelli Previtera, LLC. “With the opening of our new metaverse office we will continue our firm’s mission of meeting our clients where they are to make sure they understand their legal rights and the pros and cons of pursuing particular legal strategies.”

“LawCity.Com is a ‘legal town square’ where lawyers, law firms, and law-related companies can connect with their current and prospective clients,” added Grungo. “Petrelli Previtera’s presence will bring much-needed divorce resources to our town square.”

To view images of Petrelli Previtera’s metaverse office in the LawCity.Com Veritas tower, please visit

About Petrelli Previtera, LLC

Petrelli Previtera is the premier divorce and family law firm serving clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Washington DC and Maryland. From complex litigation to negotiated agreements, we work tirelessly to get the best results for our clients. While our firm is known for representing high net worth individuals, athletes, and arts entertainers, we represent people from all walks of life. Our legal team is committed to providing the same high-quality service to each of our clients.

About LawCity.Com

LawCity.Com is a subsidiary of Meta Productions, LLC a vertically integrated NFT-based metaverse company. The company intends to continue to purchase, develop, and lease its portfolio of locations for and to the legal industry. The company plans to expand beyond Decentraland and provide access points in all metaverses. The company is focused on providing a simple and secure way for law-related services and charities to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies linked to DeFi and NFTs. As the first legal district, legal directory, and legal search engine in the metaverse, LawCity.Com will be the starting point for every avatar’s legal journey in the metaverse.

For more information about LawCity.Com, and to access the legal district, please visit

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The co-founders of LawCity.Com are the co-founders of Grungo Colarulo, LLC, the New Jersey-based law firm that in December 2021 opened what is believed to be the first personal injury law firm office in the metaverse, as well as the first wrongful death, catastrophic injury, nursing home abuse and neglect, employment discrimination, workers’ compensation, and sexual abuse law firm office in the metaverse. Co-founder Richard Grungo, Jr., has been recognized as a digital pioneer in the legal industry by numerous media outlets, including the ABA Journal, Fortune, Law360, Legaltech News, and The American Lawyer.

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