Pitching event to expose clean-tech start-ups to international investors worth USD100-billion

On 5 October 2022, as part of Green Energy Africa Summit (https://GreenEnergyAfricaSummit.com), South African clean-tech start-ups and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch to a room full of international and local investors with the potential to fund investment opportunities.

As an initiative of the Hyve Group, the company behind the Mining Indaba, Africa Oil Week and Green Energy Africa Summit, the pitching event will gather together a group of local clean-tech projects to present their companies before an audience of highly influential investors; collectively holding investments worth more than USD100 billion.

Hyve Group is partnering with the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus (SBIC) and advisory firm RIIS, so as to identify local start-ups and entrepreneurs that might fit the bill. The Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus is an initiative of the Saldanha Bay Industrial Zone (SBIDZ) purposely to support Saldanha to be a world-class maritime and energy industrial center; at the forefront of research, development and innovation. Following an initial – and detailed – application process, a shortlist of candidates will make their way to the pitching event in October.

CEO of the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone, Mrs Kaashifah Beukes, says that the pitching event offers an incredible opportunity not readily available to local start-ups. “Finding suitable investment partners can be an extremely challenging task, even for the most seasoned of companies. For start-ups and entrepreneurs, with limited resources, not being able to find the right funding avenues is an inhibiting factor that works against South Africa’s development goals.

Not only will shortlisted candidates have access to investors through the pitch opportunity, they will also receive free business training in preparation for the event. CEO of RIIS, Davis Cook, explains that entrepreneurs and start-ups are typically focused on prototyping and product development, with less attention given to business imperatives. “Taking a business to market requires specific considerations from an investor perspective, and while they may display technology readiness, young businesses are rarely business-ready. We believe that by providing the shortlisted applicants with support prior to the pitching session will enable them to derive the most out of this tremendous opportunity.”

The Hyve Group is eager to see the results of the Energy Investment Village, which is the official name given to the pitching event. Paul Sinclair, Vice President of Energy and Director of Government Relations for Africa Oil Week and Green Energy Africa Summit, believes that the pitch session could well be a feature of Green Energy Africa Summit going forward. “As the demand grows in South Africa to put viable and innovative green energy solutions on the table, Green Energy Africa Summit is eager to play a part in enabling the emergence of such ventures, which can ultimately shape the future of Africa.”

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Green Energy Africa Summit.

For more information or to request an interview please contact:
Melita Manser
Group Account Director
Africa Oil Week at Ogilvy PR South Africa
+27 76 449 1271
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Kerryn McKay
PR&Communications Manager
+27 82 334 6165
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About Energy Investment Village:
The pitching event, known as the Energy Investment Village, is a half-day, parallel session at the Green Energy Africa Summit, which is taking part alongside its sister event Africa Oil Week. Applicants interested in applying to take part in the pitch opportunity are required to apply online at the Green Energy Africa Summit website at the following url: https://bit.ly/3zzDdBY

Submissions close on 19 August 2022.

About Hyve Group:
Hyve Group plc, formerly ITE Group, is an international organizer of exhibitions and conferences. The Group organizes over 130 trade exhibitions and conferences each year in 14 countries and employs over 1,200 staff in 17 offices worldwide.

About the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus:
An inclusive and vibrant innovation ecosystem, the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus connects people and organizations to advance innovation and technology in the marine and energy sectors. Our role as the Innovation Campus is to convene research, development and innovation partners across communities, academia and the public and private sectors to create sustainable impact. In doing so, industry players are empowered to become agents of innovation and co-create solutions to the most pressing challenges within their sectors. https://www.InnovationCampus.co.za

About RIIS:
The Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability is a fast-growing advisory firm advising global and local clients since 2008. RIIS partners with high-impact companies and organizations that are influential in shaping markets and communities. With clients spanning diverse sectors, from mining to space technologies, RIIS works at the intersection of corporate strategy, socio-economic development and entrepreneurship & innovation.

RIIS website: www.EnablingInnovation.Africa


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