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PUNE: Even though artificial intelligence-powered solutions have been in the ed tech industry for some time, the pandemic drastically shifted the landscape, forcing educators and learners to rely on technology more than ever before.
There is a deluge of manual tasks involved in the educational process. For schools, routine chores such as grading, evaluating, filing paperwork, making progress reports and organizing resources for lectures are getting automated by AI, reducing the time-to-task of teachers and freeing up time for developing students’ higher-order thinking and skills.
Shourie Chatterjee The chief digital officer of Schoolnet India said, “When technology is used to its full potential within the boundaries of government and societal norms and regulations, artificial intelligence can completely change the industry, giving students an environment to thrive. AI technologies have the power to optimize both learning and teaching, thus paving the way for the education sector to evolve.”
Aparna Khairnar, principal of Orchids-The International School, Ambegaon branch said, “We have our in-house ERP systems. The students and parents can access any information regarding their branch, curriculum, or schedule on their portals anytime they want.”
“Similarly, all our teaching and non-teaching staff members have dedicated accounts to monitor and update their day-to-day responsibilities. From online admissions to regular classes, everything can be done through our ERP systems,” added Khairnar.
At Orchids, the students can take mock tests to prepare for exams. It automatically notifies about weekly tests, homework, or any change of class schedules from the portal itself. Parents can download results, and worksheets, track their ward’s progress, send requests for PTA meetings and even share grievances through it.
In most private schools, the app-based modules are loaded with self-assessment features, help teachers track progress in the child’s learning and development on multiple parameters on a real-time basis, and record their observations.
Teachers are actively using this information to modify learning experiences for each student in the classroom.
Group CEO and co-founder of Lighthouse Learning Prajodh Rajan said, “For our K-12 schools, we supplement children’s learning with digital textbooks, Q&A sessions, and home assignments, powered by proprietary Learning Management Systems (LMS) Home Buddy and Argus. ”
“Our pre-schools and schools use digital content – books, videos, and graphics developed and curated to support self-learning practices, delivered through the LMS. These apps help students to indulge in constructive project-based discussion and collaboration online, problem- solving and more,” added Rajan.


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