Quint essential office furniture ready to expand

Don Goeman. Courtesy Quint Workspace

One doesn’t have to (s) quint to see the benefit of a bespoke office furniture supplier in an age of flexible and remote workspaces.

That’s probably why Quint Workspaces of Zeeland, which bills itself as a provider of office furniture for wherever work happens, was able to secure $ 1.5 million from several Michigan venture capital groups.

“This round of funding moves Quint fully into launch and accessibility mode, allowing us to quickly deliver affordable, high quality products to our new and existing customers,” said Quint Founder and CEO Don Goeman, adding the business model is proving to be scalable and ready to expand throughout the country.

After nearly 40 years working at global office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Goeman set out to create a company that focuses on purpose-driven design tailored to the emerging work-from-home market and particularly geared toward small-to-midsize companies. He initially raised $ 1 million in seed funding for the venture.

The newly acquired second round of funding will allow Quint to expand its product line and fine tune its shipping process with the aim of closing the gap between the time a customer places an order to the time it arrives on their front doorstep. But one question looms: what is a quint?

A quint is a sequence of five cards of the same suit. With that in mind, the Quint essentials (a pun straight from the company’s website) include five items that can be delegated to one of five categories essential to kitting out any office space: desks, seating, barriers, storage and accessories.

Accessories in the context of Quint Workspaces include add-ons such as power cord mounts, drawers and bag hangers. Barriers in this instance refer to temporary or moveable walls that make up workspace boundaries (think cubicles, but not as stark). The professional grade furnishings can be customized to fit many different types of spaces and feature tool-free assembly.

Jody Vanderwel of Michigan Capital Network Ventures Group, which traditionally invests in Great Lakes region companies with a high growth potential, has been involved since fall 2020 and was integral to the company’s development thus far

“Her strategic input has really helped us navigate several startup challenges,” Goeman said.

Several other Michigan venture capital groups, including Invest Detroit Ventures, Michigan Rise and Invest Michigan, contributed to Goeman’s fundraising efforts. Quint has plans to open a new office and manufacturing facility in West Michigan later this year.

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