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Center Township

Earl E. and Evelyn C. Manning to Linda M. James, home on Eagleton Road; $145,000

Robert A. Hunt to Kyle J. Smith, home on state Route 45; $210,000


Bank One Youngstown to Todd Hogan, full service bank on North Main Street (Chase Bank); $330,000

Tara L. Bieber to Tracy and Amy Marie Goff, three-family dwelling on Duquesne Street; $120,000

East Liverpool

STC Properties LLC to Kevin A. and Patricia L. Salsberry, home on Spring Grove Avenue; $83,000

Alma M. Kelly to Ryan and April Kelly, home on St. Clair Avenue; $150,000

Charles R. McCullough to John A. Vojnovich Jr., home on Sunset Drive; $96,000

Joseph and Kathleen M. Piscitani to Dawn M. Browning, home on State Street; $16,535

East Palestine

Luanne P. and David E. Ehrenberg to Geraldine L. Moore, .575 acres on Howell Road; $28,500

UR Real Estate LLP to Tyler S. Foster, home on Park Avenue; $55,000

Elkrun Township

Richard J. and Connie L. Miller, 41.884 acres on Lusk Lock Road; $250,000

JN Leasing LLC to Robert A. and Ashley P. Hunt, 17.512 acres on state Route 45; $224,000

Hanover Township

Ralph R. Guappone to Reuben D. and Ada D. Hostetler, 19.5 acres on Buffalor Road; $325,000

Knox Township

Scott K. and Jessica C. Richardson to John and Lindsey Rose Jr., home on Bowman Road; $70,000

Lorie J. Yarrison to Janet A. Knepp, home on Main Street; $66,000


Dorothy L. McCullough to Dylan Burke McKinney, home on Butcher Road; $180,000

Ryan S. and Melanie S. Glosser to Baylie Jaycie Bettura, home on Main Street; $115,000


Stevie R. and Kim M. Halverstadt to Pamela J. Benedict, home on Cross Street; $135,000

Kevin G. and Tammy Hiscox to Wayne D. and Kora J. Guy, home on Lee Avenue; $135,000

Cynthia Barrett and Jerry Coleman to Jennifer Murphy, home on Sunset Drive; $135,000

Christine L. Pritchett et al to Crystal A. and Jeremey Kliner; home on state Route 517; $166,600

Strong Family Investments LLC to Zachary M. Strong, two-family dwelling on West Chestnut Street; $85,000

Liverpool Township

Timothy J. and Marty J. Murray to Amanda Kiger, less than acre on Westfield Road; $25,000

Middleton Township

Ronald G. and Valeria J. Bush to Donald E. and Amber T. Boyd Jr., home on Yuma Trail; $250,000

Donald W. Owens to John and Lynnie J. Croxall, home on Tomahawk Drive; $235,000

Perry Township

Salem Cedar Ridge Apartments LLC to Wendy Cline, condo on Canterbury Lane; $85,000

Gregory M. and Mary Kay Soyka to David Floyd, home on Countryside Drive; $360,000

Paul L. and Penny Lippiatt (trustee) to Kleis Equipment LLC, small shops on state Route 9; $350,000

Garry L Evans to Zachary Peppel, home on Highland Avenue; $205,500


Mary Louise G. Koch to Ila L. Meier, condo on Maple Street; $127,500

Chen’s OH LLC to Salemyard Properties LLC, neighborhood shopping center on East Second Street (Broadway Plaza); $1.1 million

Rebekah Humeniuk-Shaw to Rachel O’Connell, home on East Fifth Street; $150,000

David A. and Crystal C. Harrison to Michael Patrick and Courtney B. Holt Jr., home on Jennings Avenue; $90,000

DSV SPV1 LLC to BH & JDH LLC, home on Cleveland Street; $22,501

Gregory R. Scott to Matthew C. and Brittany R. Smith, home on West 16th Street; $160,000

Nicholas Potts to Gary W. Snyder, home on Morris Avenue; $72,000

Salem Township

Wendy Cline to Adam and Renee Steele, mobile home on state Route 14; $155,000

Robert D. Hawkins (successor) to Armadillo Development LLC, home on Lisbon Road; $150,000

St. Clair Township

Erik and Emily S. Braslawsce to Amanda Lynn McElhose, home on Joy Lane; $400,000

Robin J. Hayward to Robert A. and Joyce D. Berdine; home on Maple Drive; $180,000

Unity Township

Jonathan E. Esenwein to Adamyth Group LLC, commercial garages on state Route 14; $490,000

Robert W. and Rose M. Brown to Abby Cartumini, home on McCloskey Road; $3345,000

UR Real Estate LLP to Tyler S. Foster, home on state Route 14; $69,400

Washington Township

Richard J. Glendening to Donald Silovich, mobile home on state Route 39; $45,000


SWG Holdings LLC to 10th & Lisbon Street LLC, mobile home park on Lisbon and 10th Street; $68,000

Emmie Lou Cashwell to John M. Huey and Michael D. Hoffman, home on 14th Street; $70,000

Yellow Creek Township

Andrew J. Hershberger to Andrew Troyer, 50.205 acres on Wells Hollow Road; $215,000

Thomas William Pelley to David Stanley and Fawn Renee Wells, home on 18th Street Heights; $61,000

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