Responsible innovation looks tackle issues of algorithmic bias – Risk – Growth

Analytics platform SAS will launch a responsible innovation initiative, in an effort to guide the use of powerful technologies.

According to the company, the initiative will be guided by its Data Ethics Practice (DEP).

Responsible innovation includes important topics like responsible AI, algorithms and bias to consider the whole innovation process. A responsible innovation approach in equity and fairness at every step, from idea to development to deployment.

Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning However, if developed and used without appropriate controls and human involvement, those technologies can do more harm than good.

The company says it will continue to work with customers, partners, academics, students, community organizations and nonprofits, to inform its own practices and explore new ways to lift people up with data and analytics.

Led by Reggie Townsend, who was recently appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National AI Advisory Council (NAIAC). He also serves on the board of EqualAI, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing unconscious bias in the development and use of AI.

“While we’ve been at this for a long time, we don’t have all the answers,” said Townsend. “Those who create, consume and regulate data and AI have shared risk, reward and responsibility to the technology and the planet we inhabit.”

Bryan Harris, CTO at SAS said, “By putting humans at the center of the innovation process, SAS is committed to building a world where data uplifts and empowers everyone. The company has been at the center of the evolution of data science and has the expertise and experience to innovate responsibly. “

DEP is a cross-functional team that guides people and customers to use data-driven systems that promote human well-being, agency and equity.

“It is Miriam Vogel, President and CEO of EqualAI, who will benefit from the insights and deep commitment that Reggie brings to developing and deploying a comprehensive AI

“Reggie’s focus is squarely aligned with our mission to achieve its maximum potential by being created by a cross-section of the population.”

In the US the Business Roundtable is also creating a Roadmap for Responsible AI, the initiative to which SAS is also a partner.

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