Rules And Principles Of Winners. The rules for winners and losers are… | by Gil Mahesh | August, 2022

The rules for winners and losers are different.

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What guide those who have ventured to become an entrepreneur and achieved success, what are their principles, and what rules do they live by?

In your business, you need to be frugal, value each resource and not spend money on unnecessary things. We know that changing employees is expensive, so we need to select people responsibly. When selecting an employee for a certain position, we must proceed from the fact that we choose a person forever: imagine how he grows with the company, how he plays an important role both at the initial stages and when the business has grown. At any moment this person will be of value to the company. If the person in front of us is like that, we need to fight for him, if not, it’s better to look for our own.

Business is a living and changing organism. It happens that a business and an employee develop at different speeds. If over time you ask yourself the same question as when hiring, and you can’t answer “Yes, this is our person”, if the employee has ceased to be valuable, it is better to reconsider his place in the company or part with him Painful? To prevent this, develop your employees and fight for them throughout the life of the company.

When selecting an employee for a position, know everything about this position yourself so that you can ask yourself the question: “Will this person do better in this place than me?”

After a while, ask yourself the question: “Does this employee add value to the brand?”. If yes, take care of it, develop it, invest energy, money, time in it.If nothing has changed with his appearance in the company, it’s better not to invest in him and find your own, for which you really don’t feel sorry for either time, money, strength or energy.

There are situations when we need a certain employee only for a while. Then you should not keep him any longer after he stopped adding value to the company, but only spends her money.

Everyone has heard this phrase. It is worth remembering it more often. For example, every day or every time a problem arises, ask yourself, are you ready to look for opportunities rather than causes? When it seems to you that insurmountable circumstances have come, ask yourself, Are you looking hard enough for opportunities?

You can ask yourself the question right now: “What am I looking for every day, causes or opportunities?” .

If you are honest with yourself, you can find both a solution and an opportunity.

Successful businessmen seem to never doubt, but each in their own way is afraid to take the first step, starting a new project, launching a new idea. It must be remembered that not every idea “takes off”, and every successful businessman most likely has a collection of unsuccessful trials. This does not stop them, although it does not mean that it does not cause doubts and fear. The main thing is not to allow yourself to give up. The main thing is not to think what will happen if the idea turns out to be unsuccessful, but to decide, overcome your fear and take the first step.

Businessmen admit that this fear, this emptiness and the uncertainty of what lies ahead always appears, even if it is the launch of the #100 idea in a row.

Every entrepreneur must remember this rule: “The main thing in business is not to think what will happen if the idea does not take off, but to overcome fear and go do it.”

How do you build projects? Are you studying what the consumer needs, and researching trends? Have you tried drawing a picture of the future?

Are you building a new business? — imagine your office, imagine how visitors come there, describe how they feel, what conclusions they draw about you, think about how your products improve their lives, what is the most important thing that changes in their experience with the discovery of your products or services. Get a complete picture of how your products improve the lives of your customers and what customers think of your company.

If you start from this picture and check with it, you can find the best, and sometimes unexpected, ways to implement your idea.

Drawing pictures of the future, we immediately build a concept for the implementation of our idea, which will not allow us to miss a single important detail.

If you don’t think about what customers think and feel, you can only create what you like. However, this does not mean that someone else will like it.

Steve Jobs famously said that Apple is strong not because of what it created, but because of what it turned out to be. The success story of this company is a celebration of simplicity. To make something expressive, you need to remove unnecessary noise, highlighting the most important thing. Cutting off excess is a great exercise and a strong principle.

In a crisis or when change is needed, it is foolish to hope that everything can remain in place, and the result will change. You have to learn to think differently. It is worth trying something new or even just something else. To find something fundamentally new, you need to try something that has not been in your arsenal yet. By trying random things, you will find a good solution faster than by trying previously tested options. If we try to fit old solutions to new situations, we will go in circles and only deceive ourselves.

For example, you may think that the users of your online store need more products. Then you will adjust all new solutions to this hypothesis. But what if you ask users without swaying them to your suggestion? Communication with real clients may surprise you.

Try to change something and get feedback. Sometimes something new, albeit in stages, taking into account feedback, can lead to fundamentally new breakthrough ideas, while variations of your own ideas will bring only some improvements to the same old solutions.

They say that an entrepreneur asks himself questions every day. Why is it for him? Many people write down smart thoughts in a notebook, someone has a habit of fixing ideas so as not to forget. Howeverit is questions that are truly effective. With their help, we learn about the environment and ourselves. A businessman just needs to reflect. Therefore, you need to ask yourself, answer yourself, look for new ideas and solutions through questions.

We also need people who can ask questions. It is desirable that these are courageous people who do not make sure that the questions are complementary, but ask as directly as possible. People who doubt, do not take it for granted, think about different options are very valuable to us.

Questions from others are a powerful force that pushes us to action when we start to “slip”.

We know that it is better to work not individually, but in a team. In a team, the goals are achieved more easily, the goals themselves are higher, the implementation is better. We also know that a team is more effective if it consists of very different people united by a single idea. Different people united around one idea is an incredible force.

Surround yourself with people who are not like your clones, but who think, look at the world and solve problems in a completely different way. Then you will not duplicate, but enrich each other, creating amazing things.

Don’t stop wondering. It is the ability to be surprised that makes us alive, young, and capable of creating new things. If we know how to be surprised, we will be able to surprise our customers. The book you are reading, the conclusions you draw, the observations you make should surprise you. If everything is boring, look for amazing details in what surrounds you, or look for an environment that can revive and surprise you.

To be successful in any field, you need to invest in it long enough to achieve success or see hints of results. It usually takes at least three years to see progress.

The essence of the rule is that we stop thinking about short-term results, stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow, in a week, next month, and tune in to a long-term investment of our strength. You begin to seriously dedicate yourself to the process and give it a fair assessment.

You also give yourself the right to make mistakes. It doesn’t really matter how many customers come in on the day your store opens, how many views your first video gets, or how many deals you close in the first month of a department or company. The result will be visible from a distance, and you are committed to investing your time in the project for all three years.

Does this mean that in three years we will be successful? It is important to understand what success is and perhaps in three years, it will become clearer. Many associate success with finances. So others think, so we think under their influence. However, successful people don’t usually associate success with money, and the “three-year rule” frees us from worrying about instant success, including financial success.

If you need to go to success for three whole years, it should be interesting on the way, and not just upon arrival. This is the most important thing: not to check the results every minute, but to organize a meaningful path for yourself, enjoying the movement towards the goal and putting all your strength into it.

Not everyone becomes the richest, and not everyone who follows the “three years” path will become rich. But the one who chooses this path will definitely become richer in terms of connections, friends, reputation, and life wisdom. He will feel satisfaction with the path he has traveled, reliable people will be with him, and he will definitely not look back with regret. This will be the result if he puts meaning and ideas into his path. If you try to do something just for the sake of money, you can regret the time spent, even if the money appears.

The goal should be achievable but challenging. Otherwise, it is not a goal, but a plan.

To make it interesting to move towards the goal, set higher goals, then you will easily achieve your initial goals, moving further and higher. The higher the goal, the easier it is to achieve, because high goals have more energywhich is enough for you and your like-minded people for months and years.

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