Shark Tank fame Anupam Mittal invites budding entrepreneurs to pitch unique ideas and bag first investment Personal Finance News

New Delhi: Founder and CEO of the People Group Anupam Mittal is known for his investment approach. He is also known as one of the innovative investors in India. The Mumbai-based investor is also the founder of His new post on LinkedIn usually becomes the most talked about topic among entrepreneurs. On August 3, he announced his new initiative to fund budding entrepreneurs.

He wrote on LinkedIn, “Problem – Not enough time to help & listen to every founder Solution – That’s right … Now anybody can pitch to me. We bring you the 1st of its kind social media funding platform … & all you need to do is make a 30 sec reel.” (Also Read: Amazon fined for selling sub-standard pressure cookers from CCPA)

“We are starting small with micro grants to help people move one step ahead on their entrepreneurial journey. Let’s see where it goes from here Check out the rules & some of the amazing pitches so far … Wanna help? Make a pitch or just spread the word & we could help create something BIG together, he added. (Also Read: Markets halt 6-day rally; end marginally lower)

After posting it, he got mixed reactions from users of the Microsoft-owned professional networking platform. Some users complained about the malfunctioning of the link. But most people appeared to be interested in his new idea. Although, everyone knows that he is an angel investor and the most innovative enterprise in the country.

Mittal was also one of the most popular investors to feature on the popular first season of the business reality show Shark Tank India. According to media reports, he may also feature in the second edition of the show as well.

In his last post on LinkedIn, he talked about the right approach for investment. He posted, “Money managers believe that spreading your risk is the best way to create wealth, but ask any successful entrepreneur about their journey and you will find that they have gone ‘all in’.”


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