Shell advances BASF purification tech for green hydrogen | News

BASF’s Puristar R0-20 is used to remove remnant oxygen from the product hydrogen by converting it to water in the DeOxo Unit, before the Sorbead Adsorption Technology (SAT) dehydrates the hydrogen.

Following the removal of impurities, the hydrogen can then be used as either an energy source or chemical feedstock.

The BASF claims a higher efficiency rating for its purification technology, with its SAT leaving a minial energy footprint compared to altnerative materials, in addition to having a higher capacity for water and lower regeneration temperatures than activated alumina or molecular sieves.

“BASF shares the ambition of the shell to work toward net-zero emissions in the future,” said Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President, Process Catalysts, BASF.

“Green hydrogen is a major component in achieving this goal and de-risking the Puristar R0-20 and SAT for Shell’s projects will support us on our way.”

By creating a new DeOxo design tool that focuses on optimizing DeOxo units operating downstream of an electrolyser, the company is able to design smaller DeOxo vessels.

Last year, Shell incorporated BASF’s Sorbead technology into its carbon reduction plan by applying SAT to its pre- and post-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) activities.

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