Smarter building with new ideas

As our building and design practices evolve to meet the needs of a changing world, so do the products we use to regulate a home. These products help to improve efficiency and reduce the overall footprint of a dwelling. The ‘green tech’ shift, in which companies and brands are developing smarter, more environmentally responsible products, means there are innovative tools that control the output of a dwelling.

In the effort to commend those who operate systems, the Sustainability Awards introduces the Smart Building Ideas category in 2022. to help improve asset reliability, performance, and energy use.

Sustainable Building & Design Pty Ltd’s Urban Green Home Build (UGHB) is the reigning champion of the Smart Building Ideas category. Sitting within a community of homes, UGHB shows respect for the landscape, minimizes resource consumption in occupation, uses sustainable building materials, offers low maintenance living and gives thought to landscaping and garden as part of overall vision. The home utilizes a smart module and edge inverter that monitors the efficiency and performance of the home’s solar and battery system. The home is a glittering example of sustainable design that sees and is monitored and effectively controlled by a smart home system.

Verosol is the proud sponsor of the Smart Building Ideas category for 2022. Founded in 1963 with the mantra of ‘creating a better environment’, the company is committed to keeping global warming at 1.5oC as per the Paris Climate Agreement. For Verosol, social responsibility does not begin and end with the environmental credentials of its products, it informs all of their day-to-day operations. Verosol and their suppliers are intent on improving quality, reducing environmental impact, and focusing on social responsibility in order to help the fight against climate change.

The winner of the Smart Building Ideas category for the 2022 Sustainability Awards will be announced later this year. Entries are now open, submit yours here.

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