Sneaker platform The Edit LDN enters the metaverse with Bloktopia — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Bloktopia is a VR Skyscraper made up of 21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million Bitcoin.

Built in the Unity gaming engine on Web3 technology, its visitors will learn about crypto from sources like University College London’s Center for Blockchain Technologies.

They will be able to earn cryptocurrency, play games, socialize with friends, be creative and buy things they desire.

Bloktopia launched its token $BLOK in late 2021.

Ross Tavakoli, CEO at Blocktopia, says: “As a big sneakerhead myself, we’re really pleased to be able to partner with the UK’s number one sneaker destination, Edit LDN.”

“Fortnite makes $2 million a day from in-app purchases like skins (digital clothing) for avatars.”

Bloktopia will offer a different, interoperable option. Allowing the purchase of digital wearables, in this case sneakers, through an NFT function which means they won’t be restricted to just our metaverse, and can be worn across hundreds of games and other metaverses.”

“That makes the fashion industry and the metaverse such a good fit, as it creates a whole new income stream for our partners like Edit LDN. The customer can also be sent the sneakers physically too.”

Bloktopians will be able to purchase an Edit LDN sneaker NFT for their avatar and then receive an in hand sneaker for themselves.

Rashid comments: “We live in the Amazon age of Now, so we’ve focused our business on ensuring the supply chain works quickly and at scale on a global level.”

“This is a real game changer for a market that traditionally took two to four weeks for product to arrive.”

“Looking forward, we see customers interacting with the shopping experience in different and interesting ways. With this in mind, The Edit LDN will be the bridge for both the physical and virtual worlds, through sneakers.

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