Solve My Sales Tax Launches “One Simple Monthly Price” for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 8, 2022 / Business owners who are confused by the ins and outs of the United States’ sales tax system may be interested in Solve My Sales Tax, LLC, which has announced that it is now offering “One Simple Monthly Price” for its suite of services. The sales tax consultancy firm, founded by CEO Charli Harrell, aims to introduce efficiency into the process of staying sales-tax compliant and to make it easier for businesses to create their monthly budgets.

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The sales tax system in America is undeniably complex. The country currently has more than 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions, each one of which has its own aggregate sales tax rate that is determined by state, county, city, and district factors. Solve My Sales Tax states that it is offering “One Simple Monthly Price” to help SaaS and eCommerce businesses understand how to navigate these regulations and to do so at a price they can anticipate each month.

“Our team is very happy about introducing ‘One Simple Monthly Price’ to our clients who need help with their sales tax issues and who want a reliable pricing structure,” says Ms. Harrell. “After studying the typical hourly billing model, we decided to implement our easy-to-understand pricing so that we could take some of the stress out of setting monthly budgets. Now clients will know upfront how much to budget for our all-inclusive sales tax services that can assist them with staying compliant.”

Solve My Sales Tax adds that within those price bundles will be some free inclusions that can potentially increase their value. Depending on the services, Monthly Nexus Analysis and Notice Management may be included in the cost.

With over 5.4M new business applications received by the US government in 2021, Solve My Sales Tax believes there are many owners who could be struggling with understanding the thousands of sales tax jurisdictions in America.

“If all the sales tax regulations are making your eyes cross, give us a call sometime,” Solve My Sales Tax says. “Don’t be afraid to ask us any question, as we are sales-tax nerds and enjoy what we do. We hope that our simple pricing and great service will make America’s sales tax landscape more transparent and less time consuming.”

Solve My Sales Tax was started in 2022 by CEO Charlie Harrell, who has six years of experience in sales tax. Her team of dedicated specialists assists foreign and domestic businesses with their sales tax needs in the United States. Solve My Sales Tax specializes in nexus analysis, state registrations, state filings, creation and implementation of streamlined sales tax systems, product taxability determination, notice management and resolution, general sales tax consulting, sales tax for merging and splitting businesses, sales tax audit support , and more.

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