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ISLAMABAD: North American startup MyTutorPod leveraged the latest technological tools to ensure maximum productivity during the pandemic, saving job losses and salary deductions within the company.

Founded by Pakistani brothers Haroon Kayani and Arsalan Kayani, the ed-tech startup has grown to become one of the most successful remote companies having successfully completed over one million classes! The Edtech market is worth an astounding $244 billion with 70 percent of colleges expected to launch more online undergraduate programs in the next three years. During the pandemic, when many educational institutions were closed, ed-tech received a huge boost according to industry insiders. MyTutorPod offers classes in English, Arabic, Urdu, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and coding too!

Because of the pandemic, the trend of online classes has vastly increased, replacing the traditional brick and mortar classes which require more time and effort for the same quality of learning.

Using MyTutorPod, students learn a variety of subjects in the comfort of their homes. MyTutorPod offers easy scheduling of classes, recorded sessions for maximum control, parental control, class reminders and easy billing. Every month, the startup conducts around 15,000-20,000 classes with students across the world.

“We complement the American and Canadian education systems, enabling our students to perform better in their academic career,” Arsalan Kayani told Business Recorder in an exclusive conversation. The ed-tech entrepreneur highlighted how he always wanted a fully remote company and how his team built an Enterprise Resource Planning system to ensure maximum productivity.

“We built our own ERP which is the backbone of MyTutorPod, we’ve made all our data paperless and converted our internal systems into software,” Arsalan, who has an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University and 12 years of experience in ed-tech, said. The startup, which began in 2010, has witnessed organic, year-on-year growth with minimal investment, highlighting the strength of the business model.

The startup now makes significant revenue per month, making it an ideal company to raise investments in the ed-tech sector. The company boasts a fully functional ERP and CRM solution which powers MyTutorPod and helps its teams to work 100 percent remotely to perform day-to-day operations like Marketing, Sales & Lead Generation, Customer Support, Invoicing, HR and Teaching Management.

According to Co-founder Haroon Kayani, this distinguishes MyTutorPod from other detection platforms.

Haroon, who has a whopping sixteen-year experience working in tech said: “Edtech if properly used can provide fair access to all students who are disadvantaged due to poverty, gender or disabilities and for those who are out of school. “Edtech can help provide the best-personalized learning environment which is catered towards an individual student’s problems,” Kayani said. The education sector is considered to be heavily under digitised, which has a lot of potential for growth if technology is optimally used in this sector.

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