Steve Aoki: From Making Merch to Mastering the Metaverse

Building in Web3 is very exciting because it’s uncharted terrain. The innovators and creators in the space are individuals, rather than corporations. It feels like a DIY philosophy bringing me back to when I was a kid and building a culture that was small but vibrant. These are vibrant and enthusiastic coders, developers, artists and creators in different ways, whether physical or digital. Like I said, it’s a brand-new terrain and not too many people [are] in the overall landscape of art and collectible culture. The digital world is growing, and we’re a fraction of what it can be. I look at it like The Wild West – we’re the first ones setting up camp and saying, “This is our home. We want to build a culture out here and we think this is where people will go.” I really do believe it’s inevitable that we’ll have integration and normalization of living, working, doing business and being entertained in some level of a metaverse. We are already in the fact that people play games and identify through social media. There are people that don’t touch social media, don’t play games and don’t go on the computer, but I think it’s a minority now. I think it’s very normalized for people to have an identity that’s very digital. And in some cases, people identify more digitally than they do in the real world. Metaverse sounds like a new word, but it’s really not. It’s been around for a long time. We’re just advancing layers on top of what the metaverse already is or building a better optical layer [where] we can start seeing ourselves in the space. As we build more visual optical layers on top of the metaverse, it’s going to invite more people into the space. With A0k1verse, it is a metaverse because it is an


, tokenized social community. It’s a community that bridges the real world because I am highly active in the real world as a musician and DJ. I’m constantly playing shows; it’s what I love to do. I do it all around the world. We’re integrating A0k1verse, the community, into those shows, whether it’s exclusive for the community or part of what I’m already doing on top of the merch drops, on top of anything physical that we can off er the community. And then it’s the network of all things in Web3 and whatever I can integrate from the traditional real-world Web2 space of my network. [A0k1verse] is not a fan club. It’s a social membership of people who love being part of the space, not necessarily fans looking to get the next musical drop or the next merch.

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