String of obscure U-Haul thefts frustrates Dinwiddie business owners

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. — Security cameras in Dinwiddie County captured a woman in a large U-Haul truck and took items off the porches of two businesses.

She struck not just once but twice and made no attempt to be quiet or hide her identity.

In the early morning hours of last Wednesday, surveillance cameras captured not-so-subtle U-Haul music blasting.

“She was in a large U-Haul, like the kind you’d move your house with,” Tanya Hale, an employee at Hale’s Electrical Service, said.

The truck pulled up to Hale’s Electrical Service off of Route 460 in Dinwiddie County. The driver quickly got out and started to load up the truck with items stolen from the front porch of the business.

Earlier, surveillance cameras picked up the same woman at a different business.

“Lady decided to drive on through and steal everything off the front porch,” Jessica Roberts, an employee at Mirror On The Wall said. “The ferns hanging on the hangers up there. I mean, the only thing she left was the rug.”

Jessica said the woman also snagged a watering can as well as the furniture.

“There were a couple of chairs, a trash can, a couple of tables, some decorative planters and stuff like that,” Roberts said.

Surveillance cameras showed that it wasn’t a quick in and out.

“The most bizarre thing is they actually sat on our attached benches, swinging their feet, drinking a soda, smoking a cigarette and just enjoying life for a minute. It was totally weird,” Hale said.


After the owner of Mirror On The Wall posted on social media about the theft, she sent two pictures that were taken at a storage facility in Crewe. The woman was allegedly involved in a verbal altercation at the facility which led to the pictures being taken.

The businesses affected by the theft in Dinwiddie County believe that it is the same woman captured on their surveillance tapes.

“A light blue shirt with a big smiley on it, there’s no disputing it, yeah, it’s the same,” Hale said.

Sources told CBS6 that the U-Haul came back as stolen from Charlotte, North Carolina on August 1.

String of obscure U-Haul thefts frustrates Dinwiddie business owners: 'I'd like to see restitution'


“It’s definitely disappointing to think that somebody would just drive through and decide, oh, let me just steal everything off this lady’s porch,” Roberts said.

“I’d like to see restitution, see her pay for what she’s done,” Hale said.

If you recognize the woman in the video or the U-Haul, you are asked to call Dinwiddie County Crime Solvers at (804) 861-1212.


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