Taiwan’s JustKitchen to lean on technology to optimize operations Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Ghost kitchen operator specializing in delivery-only brands JustKitchen (JK) said on Monday (Aug. 8) it is looking to optimize operations by continuing to develop its technology.

The company plans to continue investing in its JustKitchen operating system (JKOS) platform, lightweight point-of-sale (LPOS) system, franchising, and JustKitchen food ordering application (JK App).

The JKOS is an open-ended application programming interface platform that allows internal and external services to be connected. It allows the company to link a new sales channel to a business-to-business online order, in addition to letting customers make orders that are directly linked to JK’s LPOS and accounting system, thereby eliminating the need for a third party or extra manpower to carry out billing functions.

The LPOS is designed for cloud kitchen operations, while the company is looking to replace all of its current point-of-sale systems with LPOS. The system ties together important food delivery providers and serves as a platform to synchronize menu items, prices, and special offers. JK hopes its adoption of LPOS can lead to a reduction in total point-of-sale costs, while streamlining income and reducing ordering errors.

Meanwhile, JustKitchen’s franchise system better automates franchise sales, so franchisees can onboard quicker and get their ghost kitchens up and running sooner. Even before onboarding, franchisees can utilize JK’s data tools to learn which cuisines and brands are better suited for their intended locations.

JustKitchen developed its JK App to reduce its reliance on third party delivery services like Uber Eats and Foodpanda. Migrating customers to the JK App allows the company to save on third-party delivery commissions, in addition to obtaining valuable customer data.

It is a good time to add new technologies as well as make improvements to our current proprietary stack. Technology, such as our JKOS platform, is a key success factor for JustKitchen and we are keen to continue investing in it as a primary differentiating factor for the company,” said Jason Chen (陳星豪), co-founder and CEO of JustKitchen.

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