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San Jose, Calif., May 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / – TCL CSOT, a leading company in developing technologies and innovations in the display industry, showcased its flagship products and advanced technologies at SID Display Week 2022 in San Jose, California From May 10 to 12, presented by the Society for Information Display (SID). The company was nominated as the Best Large Booth of the 2022 I-Zone (Innovation Zone) awards.

At SID Display Week 2022, TCL CSOT highlighted its industry-leading advanced concept products and its technological achievements across VR products, flexible OLED display, mini LED technology, innovative LTPS display, 8K 1G1D technology, and smart commercial display.

TCL CSOT debuted the new 1764 PPI Real RGB LCD-VR panel Which boosts higher pixel density in LCD screens. It is equipped with 90 / 120Hz high frequency fast Liquid Crystal eliminating the door-screen effect and vertigo common in existing VR products. The 1512 PPI LCD-VR panel, the company’s first VR product that made its debut in 2021, will be backlight blinking and will go into mass production this year demonstrating TCL CSOT’s industry-leading benefits in the VR space.

Also, TCL CSOT showed the world first 8 “360 ° folding screen with pol-less technology Integrating the leading technology of foldable screen and 360 ° Stress-free self-compensating hinge. Pol-less module technology helps realize inner (R1.5) -outer (R6) folding and smoother switching. When folded, it can be an easy-carry phone for capturing dynamic information with one hand and a large-screen display when unfolded provides a perfect game and video experience.

Jointly developed by TCL CSOT and JOLED, the world first 65 ” 8K inkjet printing OLED was also on display. An 8K With up to 33 million pixels of product, it is the largest OLED product based on ink-jet printing technology and provides an unparalleled image quality.

Further, TCL CSOT also introduced its 34 “R1500 curved mini LED display for e-sports which offers a 21: 9 ultra-wide display ratio, a 165Hz high refresh rate and a fast-responding HVA screen with a smaller halo. Compatible with various variable frequency technologies that provide an undistorted, smooth and clear gaming experience while leveraging TCL CSOT’s advanced algorithms, the display meets both the VESA Display HDR 1400 certification and the FreeSync Premium Pro certification requirements. It delivers the best light and dark contrast and dynamic rendering meeting the requirements of the visual display for e-sports players and specialized users.

The company also showed how it developed superior 8K 1G1D technology with the 75 ” 8K 4mask 1G1D Mini LEDGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Challenging the difficult 8K TFT-LCD backplane 4 masks process, the screen significantly improves processing ability while always perfect image quality. With TCL CSOT’s original glass-based mini LED backlight with ultra-high individual zones controlled by a local dimming method, the screen offers excellent image performance comparable to an OLED.

To cap it all, the 17.3 ” 3K In-Cell TLCM Display was also unveiled. It can be configured into a large active display area with a brightness of 400 nits and a color gamut of DCI-P3 making the image clearer and colorful. Adopting a narrow bezel design, it employs a LCM thickness of 2.2mm for a thinner display and it also integrates in-cell touch technology into the touch sensor bringing a panel to a more convenient experience for users.

At the event, TCL CSOT also demonstrated how it is extending its reach toward the automotive display. The The panel hides under the Driver Monitor System under its camera with a low image quality decrease due to an extremely high transmittance of infrared. It will ensure driving safety and meet the requirements of Euro NCAP and GSR.

Looking ahead, TCL CSOT will continue to embrace challenges as they come and achieve leapfrog development. With the next generation of unrivaled competitiveness in display technology, TCL CSOT is committed to driving technology to accelerate industry growth.


As a subsidiary of TCL Technology, TCL CSOT has become one of the leading companies in the display industry, committed to developing new technologies and innovations. TCL CSOT actively invests in future technologies such as Mini-LED, Micro-LED, OLED, and Ink-Jet Printing OLED. The company business includes large area display, small-medium display, touch modules, interactive whiteboards, video walls, automotive displays, and gaming monitors, which contributes to the core competence of the global panel industry.

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