the Brazilian startup’s plan to become the building software with the Housi AppSpace app

After reaching a PSV of R$ 20 billion, the flexible housing platform invests in an app that reinvents real estate and connects projects to services. Housi is an operating system and buildings are hardware.

SAO PAULO, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Latin American proptech has consolidated itself as a “camel startup” – which is one that has sustainable growth, good cash flow, stability and long-term strategies. It is focusing all its efforts on equipping real estate developments and is betting on the strategy of housing as a service connected to other complementary services in a new application.

As unicorn in the proptech sector, with a wave of layoffs and questioning in valuationsHousi – a world pioneer platform in the 100% digital flexible housing service has doubled its team and aims to expand into the international market. Among the main international destinations are the USA, Latin America and Portugal.

“We are growing 400% a year. There are 200 partner developers and more than 60,000 apartments equipped with Housi’s operating system. This represents a PSV close to R$20 billion with the Housi brand – which makes it virtually the largest developer in Brazil“, says Alexandre Frankel – CEO of Housi.

Nowadays it is possible to install services such as waze and the banking app on smartphones. So, imagine installing the main services also in buildings: mini market, laundry, on-demand rental of household items. All connected to a single housing app. This means more simplicity and free time.

In a very simple way, the same transformation that Microsoft brought to personal computers or that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS systems brought to mobile devices, Housi proposed to bring to still analog hardware: real estate. We connect previously analog buildings to services and solutions through Housi AppSpace,” explains Frankel.

In just a few months, the company has already attracted around 50 partners to its Housi App Space. “In practice, this process is almost organic and software driven. It’s just a matter of adapting the technology”, says the CEO.

Partnerships include major brands such as Unilever, Samsung and bring solutions such as: laundry, cleaning, grocery store, home appliance rental, smart lockers, in addition to subscription electric car, shared bicycles and much more.

“Housi AppSpace is our Windows. Just like any hardware, a building needs an operating system. And our vision is to be the operating system that digitizes real estate and connects it to developments”, he concludes.

About house

Launched in 2019, Housi is a world pioneer in the 100% digital flexible housing service. The entire process is done digitally and, to rent a apartment on the platform, it takes less than 1 minute. The resident has everything in a single subscription, such as: rent, furniture, water, electricity, internet, Netflix, etc.





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