The Brimfield Winery & Cidery has become a staple business amid the Brimfield Flea Market, creating a place for the community to enjoy

The transition from being an antique show field owner to owning a winery might seem impossible, but for Kate Corriveau and her husband Rusty, the move was a no brainer.

The Brimfield Winery & Cidery opened around five years ago, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Brimfield Flea Market.

“We thought wine, travelers, and antique dealers really complimented each other, so we sold our antique property and decided to get into wine and start producing it right here in Brimfield,” Corriveau told MassLive.

Over the years, the place has grown from a start-up, but Corriveau knew she needed guidance to get the winery on her feet.

The couple reached out to friend and Owner of Hardwick Vineyards & Winery, John Samek. Corriveau called him a “mentor” for opening their own winery.

They then contacted a grape broker and found a vineyard out in Suisun Valley, California to get started. Half of their grapes are shipped out to people like the Corriveau’s, who aren’t growing their own.

“So essentially you’re drinking California wine but it’s produced and bottled here. We have some really great tasting wines that are produced and made in the barn on this property. ”

The barn is the Auction Acres, right next to the winery, which is the oldest lot of the Brimfield Flea Market.

Corriveau shared that on top of their own wine production, she even designed custom labels for each wine they sell, focusing around “giving kudos” to the flea market and the Brimfield community.

Each label is custom-designed, paying tribute to the Brimfield Flea Market.

“With our mission statement, we are deeply rooted in the town and community so we knew that not only could this (winery) happen, but it could continue to happen based on that mission,” Corriveau said.

The winery also created and hosts the Pioneer Valley Wine and Food Festival, where 13 other wineries come out on the auction acres fields with food trucks and live music for guests.

Like most growing businesses, the winery hit a bump in the road during the pandemic, but Corriveau said they managed to find creative ways to still stay open.

“Because it’s an outdoor venue, we secured some food trucks and worked with the local board of health. We had to get really imaginative so we had drive-in movies, drive-in concerts. We had to keep bobbing and weaving our way around to find a way to responsibly open up but still have something fun for the community. ”

Owner Kate Corriveau and staff

The Brimfield Winery is a growing business for the community.

They even created Brimfield Old Home Days, a nonprofit organization that is “promoting fellowship, creating family memories and a venue for all of their local non-profits for community outreach and fundraising,” according to The Reminder.

“We got together with some other nonprofits to help raise money for them because they were hurt more than anyone during COVID,” Corriveau said, as “supporting local is what we do best.”

All the money made at the winery goes into the growth of the establishment, hoping to continue to grow as a staple place for the community, Corriveau told MassLive.

“It has so much potential to grow into even more than it is, and the people are starting to come back out and they love that it’s outdoors so it’s exciting.”

With its proven success, the one wine product that Corriveau said is a must-try is their wine slushies.

Wine slushies at the Brimfield Winery

This drink is a twist on traditional wine at a winery, providing a refreshing drink for guests in the warmer months.

“Right now we’re featuring our Brimfield Rush which is our red blend wine and also our Vintage Blush which is a rosé. We change it up once in a while to have different flavors but yeah people love them especially when its really hot out. They’re so refreshing. ”

The winery is open Tuesday through Sunday during the run of the flea market. On the off-season of the market, the winey is open on Fridays from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm

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