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TROY – Saturdays in downtown Troy now feature a new brunch scene, hosted by The Fox and The Burn.

“Troy is such a cool little city but I think the one thing we’re missing is brunch,” said Dave Camacho, co-owner of The Fox and The Burn. “There are only a few places doing a sit-down brunch in downtown Troy, so we think this will add to the scene.”

The Fox and The Burn, located in River Street Market, features a premier food hall on the first floor of Troy City Hall (433 River St.).

The menu, which Camacho describes as “Basic Brunch,” includes eggs & omelets, breakfast bowls, “Benedicts,” toast & waffles, crab cakes, pita and fried chicken sandwiches. In addition to a full bar, there are mimosa and Bloody Mary specials.

Camacho co-owns The Fox and The Burn with Hannah Van Buren, who also serves as general manager at his Loudonville restaurant Risotto. The Troy brunch offering is modeled after Risotto’s popular brunch menu but with Thai, Continental and Classic-style breakfast bowls in the place of risotto dishes.

“Our brunch at Risotto fills up so quickly every weekend, we recommend reservations there,” Camacho said. “We have a lot of room in Troy, so that won’t be an issue at The Fox and The Burn. We will continue to tailor our Troy menu to our patrons here. ”

The Fox and The Burn brunch will debut on the same day as the much anticipated return of the outdoor Troy Waterfront Farmers Market to River Street and Monument Square. With the Uncle Sam Parking Garage being closed, the farmers market is encouraging visitors to utilize many of the other nearby public parking options.

There are two entrances to get to The Fox and The Burn: the main entrance at 433 River Street and the rear entrance next to the building’s iconic red smokestack next to the Hudson River. The massive building is surrounded by parking lots that are free to those using the building.

“Park here, get brunch, then walk along the river to the farmers market,” Camacho said. “Or come here after the farmers market. We’ve got plenty of much needed parking available. ”

Photo: two men drinking mimosas at The Fox and The Burn brunch

April 16, sneak preview brunch at The Fox and The Burn (photo by Konrad Odhiambo, courtesy of The Fox and The Burn)

Photo of Eggs Benedict

Florentine Benedict. Basil pesto, grilled tomato, toasted English muffin, poached eggs and traditional hollandaise with side of fresh fruit, $ 11. Crispy Chicken. fried chicken breast, sriracha caper remoulade, mixed greens, tomato, red onion, toasted bun with french fries, $ 13. April 16, sneak preview brunch at The Fox and The Burn (photo by Konrad Odhiambo, courtesy of The Fox and The Burn)

Friends cheers mimosa and bloody mary.

April 16, sneak preview brunch at The Fox and The Burn (photo by Konrad Odhiambo, courtesy of The Fox and The Burn)

Woman drinking mimosa at the bar

April 16, sneak preview brunch at The Fox and The Burn (photo by Konrad Odhiambo, courtesy of The Fox and The Burn)

A Place to Hang Out

The Fox and The Burn brunch will feature weekly entertainment, including DJs, live music, games and more. Camacho plans to incorporate trivia and other amusements to brunch over time.

“We want to make brunch an event, not just a service,” Camacho said. “Come and eat, and hang out for the day. If you get hungry again, we have you covered. ”

On Saturdays at 2 pm, The Fox and The Burn switches from a brunch menu to pizza and wings. Also staring at 2 pm, patrons can order hummus and pita dishes from sister business Hummucidal, located immediately next to The Fox and The Burn Bar.

Coverage Briefing

Introducing Collar City Mac Shac

Camacho and Van Buren, along with their Chef Josh Villanueva, are also launching another restaurant in the 433 River Street space on Saturday May 7, Collar City Mac Shac.

On Saturdays, the Mac Shac serves from 2 pm to 8 pm, with a menu of Mac and Cheese or mashed potato-based items, along with grilled cheese. Customers can add their choice of “protein,” including falafel, fried blackened or chipotle chicken, pulled pork, bacon, Greek gyro or seasoned ground beef.

There is also a mac and cheese waffle, featuring a “waffle” made of actual macaroni and cheese that is pressed on a waffle iron. Those come in chicken or pork styles.

“It’s pretty ‘out there’ as a food dish,” Camacho said of the waffles made from Mac and Cheese. “But Troy has shown support for quirky culinary indulgences, like the legendary South Troy Burger from The Brown Bag.”

Because 433 River St. houses multiple restaurants in a spacious food hall, Camacho says its ideal for couples and groups because everyone can order what they want. “If one of you wants brunch and the other wants a burger or a taco, you can order from The Fox and The Burn and Prime Burger and Taco Libre and still sit together. It’s a win-win. ”

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