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The Heritage Group Accelerator provides guidance and tools to help business startups launch. (Courtesy: The Heritage Group)

Indianapolis-based The Heritage Group Accelerator has selected seven startups to participate in its 2022 hard tech accelerator program. THG says all of the cohort participants focus on building a sustainable future through innovation, such as eco-friendly cleaners to next generation lithium batteries.

The selected startups will receive financial, business development, and research and development mentorship during an immersive 13-week program.

“The need for innovators interested in a greener future has never been more clear. At The Heritage Group Accelerator, we pair innovators with hand-selected resources and expertise to scale their transformative technologies and write the next chapter in sustainable manufacturing, materials, infrastructure, waste and water treatment, and other hard tech verticals,” said Nida Ansari, managing director of the THG Accelerator. “We are thrilled to welcome these seven promising companies to Indianapolis for our program.”

The selected startups include:

  • Allium Engineering (Cambridge, MA) has built a proprietary rebar technology to eliminate steel corrosion and create more resilient, affordable, and sustainable material. Structures that would last 30 years with traditional rebar can be built to last 100 years with Allium’s innovative solutions.
  • ZILA Works (Renton, WA) is developing a novel industrial bioplastic to help product manufacturers lower their carbon footprint. The company’s patented process uses vegetable oils to create a bio-epoxy resin system that reduces carbon emissions by as much as 60% compared to petroleum-based epoxies.
  • Nanode Battery Technology (Edmonton, AB) has invented a next-generation high-performance material that optimizes rechargeable lithium and sodium-ion batteries. Batteries utilizing Nanode’s technology have 5x the energy density of traditional batteries at 40% of the cost.
  • SeaChange Technologies Inc. (Raleigh, NC) offers a patented water treatment technology that eliminates toxic sludge from industrial waste water, reducing both costs and impact on the environment.
  • Sirionix Renewables (Seattle, WA) creates high-performing plant-based cleaning products that are sustainable, nontoxic and perform better than incumbent chemical-based brands.
  • SusMaX (Philadelphia, PA) uses a thermodynamics-based technology to transform waste coal ash into lightweight construction aggregates. This technology promotes landfill diversion, extends the service life of construction materials, and reduces transportation costs by 50%.
  • Ourobio (Charlottesville, VA) turns industrial byproducts into low-footprint, performance-enhancing, biodegradable plastic additives. Plastics incorporating the company’s technology are less expensive, more sustainable, and easier to manufacture.

Throughout the program, each participating startup will receive support from executives, scientists, industry professionals, and successful entrepreneurs.

THG says the goal is to help prepare startups to pilot their technologies. The program will conclude on November 15 with a public event in which the startups will demonstrate their technologies and pitch their businesses to a global audience of leading investors.

Click here to learn more about The Heritage Group Accelerator.

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