Tip Top Proper Cocktails Announces Espresso Martini in Collaboration With Counter Culture Coffee

ATLANTA, Ga.— Tip Top Proper Cocktails is excited to announce an all-new, ready-to-enjoy 100ml canned cocktail: the Espresso Martini. A first-of-its-kind collaboration with coffee pioneers Counter Culture, the newest offering from the award-winning canned cocktail company is made using three simple ingredients: vodka, vanilla, and espresso from Counter Culture’s Big Trouble coffee blend. Espresso Martinis are available today for shipping to 41 states via Tip Top’s website. Individual cans of the Espresso Martini will also be available in retail stores and bars in seven states (Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas) this month.

The brand’s 100ml classic canned cocktail recipes are developed by seven-time James Beard Award nominated mixologist Miles Macquarrie (of Atlanta’s Kimball House). Small but potent, Tip Top has received national acclaim for its always balanced, never too sweet collection of low-ball classic cocktails: the Stirred Line (Manhattan, Negroni, Old Fashioned) and the Shaken Line (Bee’s Knees, Daiquiri, Margarita).

“The convergence of cocktail culture and coffee geekery has set the Espresso Martini on fire. It’s a sophisticated drink that’s delicious and kicks off the party all at once – what’s not to love? We’re thrilled to be adding it to our Shaken Line as the first of a string of new cocktails coming soon,” says Tip Top Proper Cocktails Co-founder and CMO Neal Cohen. Co-founder and CEO Yoni Reisman adds, “We’ve never been ones to jump on a trend bandwagon, so we knew that if we were to create an Espresso Martini, it would need to be a best-in-class version. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to partner with another talented Southern maker, Counter Culture Coffee, to make just that.”

“Coffee is the ingredient that can make or break an espresso martini. We knew if we could control that variable, only Tip Top could craft the best version of the cocktail out there. We are excited to drink and share the results of our collaboration,” says Diego Castro from the Counter Culture team.

Tip Top’s Recipe Developer Miles Macquarrie adds, “We’ve seen that when one person orders an Espresso Martini, it often sets off the sizzling platter effect with their companions and surrounding tables putting in a rush of orders that can back up the bar. Couple that with the fact that many restaurants & bars are not equipped with the tools to make Espresso Martinis and we’re really offering a timely solution for busy bartenders – all you need is the can, some ice, and a cocktail shaker.”

INTRODUCING: THE ESPRESSO MARTINIThoughtfully formulated, tested, and perfected over the course of many months, recipe developer Miles Macquarrie and the Tip Top team worked tirelessly alongside the unparalleled coffee palettes at Counter Culture to create this all-new cocktail offering that’s strong and smooth, with just a hint of vanilla and a delicious complexity from the Big Trouble beans. Pour from the brand’s recognizably tiny (but mighty!) can and into a cocktail shaker, and you’re ready to keep the party going late into the night.

ESPRESSO MARTINI: Vodka | espresso | Vanilla (44 Proof / 22% ABV)
Tasting Notes: Roasted Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Rich and Smooth

About Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Atlanta-based Tip Top Proper Cocktails was founded in 2018 by childhood friends and music industry veterans Neal Cohen and Yoni Reisman. After years producing large-scale events and festivals in NYC and around the country, the two discovered something was missing from the market: high-quality, classic cocktails that could be enjoyed with convenience at a concert, dinner party, tailgate, or simply at home. Enlisting the help of veteran Atlanta mixologist and seven-time James Beard Award nominee Miles Macquarrie (of Kimball House) to develop the recipes, the team created three 100ml canned low-ball classic cocktail recipes to form their “Stirred” line: the Manhattan, Negroni, and Old Fashioned. After more than two years of recipe development, Tip Top Proper Cocktails officially launched in Georgia in September 2019. In March 2021, Tip Top announced its new “Shaken” line, featuring three all-new, ready-to-enjoy 100ml canned cocktails: to Margarita, Daiquiri, and Bee’s Knees. Espresso Martini joins the Shaken lineup in November 2022. Tip Top Proper Cocktails are available in retail and package stores, restaurants, and bars in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. As of April 2021, Delta flyers can also enjoy the Tip Top Old Fashioned and Margarita aboard Delta flights. The products are also available as 8-packs for shipping to 41 states nationwide via online purchases.

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