Tips for harvesting big bucks

The pursuit of a trophy buck is one thing for hunters, but having the opportunity to harvest is another.

If my math is correct, the regular big game season opens in just a couple or so weeks.

On that day, tens of thousands of hunters will take to the fields and woods in search of excitement and with the hope of bagging some fine, quality meat for the freezer.

While most of those hunters will probably be willing to settle for getting a clear shot at any legal deer, others will have a special mind-set. They will be out in search of that very special trophy deer.

Exactly what constitutes a “trophy” deer is a hard question to answer, especially since each hunter has his or her own opinion and personal standards. The large majority of “horn” hunters will settle for taking a buck deer with clearly visible antlers.

A few require the presence of eight or 10 antler points in order to fulfill their personal trophy requirements, even if the overall rack is only a foot to 14 inches wide.

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But a very few others require just a tad more.

A really big rack of antlers usually fits the trophy definition for most hunters. For them anything with a Boone and Crockett (and NY) score of 140 or more points fills the bill. The largest deer ever taken in New York, a 14-point monster with a B&C score of 198 3/8 points, is a true trophy that anyone would be proud to have hanging on their wall.

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