TMYTEK Launches Antenna-in-Package Solutions for 5G Mobile and SATCOM

Su-Wei ChangFounder, and CEO of TMYTEK, stated that, “TMYTEK is the first and only startup company that can leverage the mobile and SATCOM development via our AiP-M and AiP-S products with the best of TCO (total-cost-ownership) ) from our ability of Taiwan’s manufacturing supply-chain management. We’ll start to ship these products to our clients from Q3 this year. “

TMYTEK AiP 5G mobile solution is ready for antenna design, verification and manufacturing based on 5G mmWave O-RAN RU, n257, n258 and n261. It’s an 8×8 tile-based, dual-polarization phased array antenna. The up and down converter is integrated with the dual-mode operation: IF mode (2-8 GHz) and IQ mode (baseband, low PHY, DC -1.5 GHz). The highest EIRP and linearity come with 64 dBm (single pol.) @ P1dB and 57 dBm (single pol.) @ 3% EVM of 800 MHz 64-QAM OFDM.

Ethan Lin, co-founder and VP of TMYTEK, pointed out that one of the key success factors to win the customers’ trust is because of its global channel partners, including thinkRF, Solubit, and others across the regions. “We have strong faith in providing timely access to our customers no matter industrial or academic users, since we are looking for the channel network in more than 20 countries.

In the mentime, TMYTEK AiP SATCOM solution fulfills the requirements of SATCOM ground terminal ESA applications. The TMYTEK and DuPont ™ MCM collaboration brings up the LTCC-based, high frequency and best reliability (heat dissipation, CTE, zero moisture absorption). The Ku / Ka-band phased array antenna is L-band (IF) ready with 8×8 / 16×16 tile-based H / V and circular polarization. Both commercial and defense applications could apply.

Andy KaoGlobal Telecom Segment Leader of DuPont MCM, said, “We’re thrilled to present our GreenTape ™ materials with TMYTEK’s latest solutions for ESA,” adding, “Our collaboration illustrates that DuPont ™ GreenTape ™ LTCC is a great choice for AiP applications . “


TMY Technology, Inc. (TMYTEK) is the innovator and game-changer that delivers the breakthroughs of millimeter-wave solutions in 5G / B5G and satellite communication applications to worldwide clients. As a leading technology developer, TMYTEK enables everyday life with better connectivity from our clients’ products. By converting the mmWave RF fronted with innovative devices, inventing ready-to-use beamforming development kit, implementing phased arrays with modern Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology, and redefining the OTA testing methodology, TMYTEK empowers industrial inventions to market faster. Together with our global partners and allies, we make historical firsts and a positive impact society. Find out more from

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