‘Unprofessional’ ultrasound tech makes mom-to-be physically ill after appointment: ‘Please report her’

An expecting mom became physically ill after her 20-week ultrasound due to a tech’s alleged unprofessional behavior, and Reddit parents are begging her to report the incident.

Posted to the subreddit r/BabyBumps, the post received 319 upvotes and over 70 comments.

Now, much like the woman who was shamed in Walmart for buying her baby formula, this redditor’s upsetting experience is making waves in the parenting forum.

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As the poster explains, “Yesterday I had my 20 week ultrasound, which is a medical one (so they check for abnormalities/defects). With my first pregnancy it was a really nice appointment where the ultrasound lady (another woman than now) guided us through everything and was very reassuring.

“This pregnancy and ultrasound however… She started off by asking us what we were expecting from the ultrasound. We told her to check for any abnormalities and defects, and to see whether or not the baby is healthy. She then told me that seeing on the ultrasound that everything checks the box will not mean you’ll get a healthy baby, there could still be lots of things wrong. Uh yeah ok, I get that technically that is right, but I thought that was kind of weird to say, so I’m already a bit uneasy.

“Then she proceeded with saying it’s technically not a baby, but a fetus, and we could still abort until week 24. In the meantime, my stress level is getting high because who says that to a woman who is hoping for a baby and stressing Because everyone around me had something wrong (miscarriages and one stillbirth because of birth defects that were detected on the 20wk ultrasound)?

“We are not matching at all… My partner is talking to redirect the conversation and making me feel a bit better. She starts putting the gel on my belly and says ‘Well, I hope you’ll have the first good ultrasound of today! I only had bad ones today… But well, the last lady was 120 kgs [264 lbs.] so yeah…’ (rolls her eyes, and I think she is implying that it is the woman’s fault for having a baby with abnormalities/defect??)

“Luckily the ultrasound showed only good things, so I’m grateful and happy for that.

“But finally at home, all the stress came out through vomiting, something that I hadn’t done since week 16. I think coming Monday I will tell my experience to my midwife, because she knows this woman. I think she maybe had an off day. But man, if she had, I rather had she rescheduled or let someone else take the appointment.”

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‘What kind of an ultrasound tech is she…’

Redditors had strong reactions to the mom-to-be’s experience.

“Extremely unprofessional IMO. I would report it, those are awful things to say,” one user replied.

“What kind of an ultrasound tech is she! Very mean to say such things to a pregnant lady.. definitely let your midwife know about it and to talk to her so that she doesn’t do the same with other women,” another redditor wrote.

“I would put a complaint in. While what she’s saying about the 24 week thing etc is correct it is inappropriate. Also she should not be talking about other patients,” commented another user.

“Burn out is a real problem in the health care industry. Maybe she’s experiencing it. Maybe she’s always this way. 🙁,” replied one user.

“Wow, please report her to the office when you go in next!” She has no right to insert her views about your baby,” commented another redditor.

After reading through all the replies, the troubled mom-to-be followed up to say that she would be calling her midwife to make a formal complaint.

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