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Some of the trainees with the trainer and officials on the last day of the five-day train-the-trainer workshop organized by US Consulate General Kolkata, in partnership with Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in Dimapur on August 5. (Morung photo)

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Dimapur | August 5

The five-day train-the-trainer workshop for the US Consulate’s entrepreneurship program Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) alumni, and other women entrepreneurs in Nagaland concluded here at the YouthNet office, Dimapur on August 5.

The workshop was organized by the US Consulate General Kolkata, in partnership with the Regional English Language Office (RELO) of the US Embassy in India.

The trainer, Dieter Bruhn, English Language Specialist from the US worked with a group of 16 participants in Dimapur to develop a curriculum, which the workshop participants can use as a key training tool with peers.

The training aimed at honing the business communication and presentation skills of the participants, with a focus on networking, negotiating, elevator pitches, and formal pitches for specific audiences. The program prepared them to deliver a winning business pitch in front of a live audience including investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and academicians.

On the final day of the workshop, nine participants made presentations of their final pitches in front of the panel including Lezo Putsure, Founder, EduCentre School of Business; Nunesano Chase, Director, YouthNet; and Shweta Khanna, Regional English Language Specialist at the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in New Delhi.

Based on the clarity of their business idea and communication skills with the live audience, three women entrepreneurs – Imliben Lemtur, Monalisa Business Solutions; Temusenla Jamir, Fusion Store; and Tasangkala Imchen, Expression Life were adjudged first, second and third respectively.

Dieter Bruhn handed over the certificates to the participants, “encouraged and motivated the women leaders to continue training other women entrepreneurs in their circle so that they get noticed by investors, and secure funding for their ventures.”

Speaking to the media after the pitching session, Dieter Bruhn, who is also conducting similar training for women entrepreneurs in Ranchi, Patna, Imphal and Kolkata, observed that people in Nagaland have strong English skills, great entrepreneurial ideas, are good at identifying problems and really trying to find incredibly innovative solutions. “That combined with the energy, language skills and their ability to stand in front of the group, to pitch and present is super impressive,” he said.

“I see a lot of things like environment, agriculture, preserving cultural heritage and also building bridges,” Dieter Bruhn said and that there is a certain level of effort to connect with the other part of India and not only share their product but also their culture “That is a beautiful thing,” he said.

Dieter Bruhn added that during the five-day workshop, he has seen huge transformation in their confidence, organizational skills, financial management and the entrepreneurs are more concise, clear and builds interest about their business.

‘When you have a group of women together, a lot of power, comfort level and growth comes from that,’ he asserted.

Meanwhile, the American Center Director, Adrian Pratt sent his greetings to the participants. He said, “Language empowers and educates, and this is what makes us different. For, we are not here to teach you just English, but attitudes, determination, networking, public speaking, and effective communication, which will enhance your skills and prepare you to present your ventures better. Language matters, being visible matters, you and your work matter and make a tangible difference.”

The same training was conducted in Ranchi and Patna last month and will be conducted in Imphal and Kolkata in the coming weeks.

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