USA As An Interesting Investment Location For Real Estate

In times of high inflation, rising economic risks and geopolitical turmoil, it is difficult to find safe havens in investments. Also, it is important to have wide diversification of assets in order not to take on any cluster risk. The USA was, is and will be an important place for investors. The world power is an economic leader. GDP grew by six percent in 2021, and is still projected at 2.5 to three percent for 2022, significantly higher than in Germany. The unemployment rate fell from 15 to 3.9 percent.

“Currently the focus is on real estate investment. Because apartments are scarce even in the United States, and investments in residential and laboratory office properties are therefore particularly attractive,” says Thomas Hack, founder and managing director of financial services company Value Brain GmbH (§34c, d, f). as permission) and I GewO) in Walsdorf near Bamberg ( As a real estate specialist, Thomas Haack specializes in investing in tangible assets. His general approach is professional asset structuring and asset diversification. Creating and customizing clients’ personal financial planning via THOMAS HACK uses only offers from well-known partners. At, Thomas Hack explains what motivates him in the video Is.

That’s why real estate is part of Thomas Hack’s definitive repertoire — in the form of alternative investment funds, too. It regularly opens up investment opportunities to its investors in the United States and can look back on successful places. A premium partner of Value Brains for USA is Deutsche Finance Group, which invests in lab office real estate, among other things. “Investments in laboratory offices are experiencing particularly high demand from institutional investors, regardless of COVID-19, due to research activities for vaccines and drugs that have been increasing worldwide over the years and therefore particularly are considered promising.”

He gives a concrete example. Following the completion and full occupancy of the laboratory office property of “DF Fund 15 (Boston Club Deal I)”, it was sold to a major institutional investor in the United States in late 2021 and February 2022 – approximately nine months earlier was. Expiry of prospectus period – The plan ended early with a total payout of over 140.1 percent. In July 2021, the “Boston Club Deal II” was held again in record time. “The initial exit of the first laboratory office project in Boston impressively demonstrates the potential of the new asset class of life science real estate. Beginning August 4, 2022, Deutsche Finance will partner with private investors Boston Club Deal IV for another in knowledge metropolis Boston. Real estate is offering investment,” says Thomas Hack.

Thomas Hack offers another project through the BVT group of companies. These are the so-called Class A properties in the southeast of the United States. Class A properties represent the highest quality level in their respective market. These are mostly new properties with first class amenities. Each Class A property has a clubhouse with a pool area, fully equipped kitchen, private gym and high speed internet.

“Prospects are very good. In the South-West, population increased by 13 percent in the last ten years and by 10 percent in the South-East. It is expected to increase by 13 percent in the next ten years. Business friendly environment, low living conditions The cost, high quality of life and mild climate are attracting more and more people of all ages to the region,” says Thomas Hack. Value Brain partner BVT achieved exit volume of about half a billion US dollars in 2021. All facilities were on lease between 95 and 100 per cent when sold. Average holding period was 38 months. Average return was estimated at 13.5 per cent. Actual return averaged 21 per cent.

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