What Can Student Entrepreneurs Do to Be Prepared for the Tech Ecosystem

High Tech on the Low hosted by Jordan Kastrinsky, is on a mission to make high tech accessible to the world. In my podcast, I explore the many different facets of the world of high tech from development to marketing, to sales, to entrepreneurship and more! With society turning ever more technologically and economically, it is important, now that we have the benefits of this knowledge-sharing. There is so much opportunity out there to grow within the industry that we have to provide the tools through which to do so.

Israeli tech is still a powerhouse, regionally and globally. When we consider the incredible and unprecedented records set in 2021, we see the ecosystem that is ripe with innovation and new opportunities. Yet, how can young entrepreneurs and students find themselves in joining this blossoming industry?

“Close to a unicorn a week was announced at high valuations – we are changing from the startup nation to the scale-up nation, where people are less rushing to sell,” says Adv. Dan Fisher, partner at Gornitzky & Co. law firm who heads the high-tech team there while helping to promote student-led ventures. At the end of the day, Dan sees the development that we are witnessing in the industry as a maturation of sorts. Ideally, this process will help welcome the new generation of tech entrepreneurs.

The Momentum Startup Accelerator helps the growth of new entrepreneurs. Based at Reichman University in Herzliya, Israel, the accelerator led and startup gala competition, hosted at the Gornitzky & Co. offices, showcasing some of the leading student ventures in their program. Judged by a panel of esteemed judges including investors, tech experts, and legal advisors, the ventures competed to be named the ‘Startup of the Night’ and receive a prize that includes useful resources and tools for early-stage founders. “It’s really cool to see all the students here and see all these young up-and-coming startups,” Dan adds “because what we see now is 3 or 3 years be a 100-million- dollar venture – it’s exciting. ”

As the focus on the new generation of startup founders grows, it is clear that the focus on developing young founders actually works and provides great value to the overall ecosystem. Michael Lavie Salomon, once a student in the Momentum program, can attest to the strength of programs like Momentum, as he today serves as the VP of Innovation and Business Development at Arieli Capital, a leader in promoting innovative tech ventures. “I joined Momentum with a venture, did all the validation process using Momentum, met mentors, and the best lesson as the entrepreneur has learned that you can find people who can help you as soon as possible. ”

Michael says Momentum, and programs like it, gave him, and others, the tools to understand the process of building a startup. Soon after his time at the program, he ended up joining the management team of the Momentum Startup Accelerator where he was able to develop his passion for helping young entrepreneurs. “This was my first step in helping startups and I saw everyone really needed help.” Fast forward to today, and now Michael manages “the innovation and operations internally in Arieli Capital to bring value and deal flow to our startups in Arieli as well.” What is Michael’s main takeaway then when it comes to students and starting startups? “Go for it, today is your opportunity!”

Beyond professionals like Michael and Dan, we were introduced to One Zero, the first digital bank, based in Israel and their Leading Product Manager Or Levy who is working on a novel financial solution that helps people manage their finances and business, 100% digitally. “For students, as they enter the workforce and start their own ventures, they need to conveniently manage their finances – investment portfolio, savings, salary, crypto, whatever,” digital solution that concentrates it all under one roof. ” Businesses like One Zero, though they are also for the public-at-large, can be incredible tools for young entrepreneurs as they start out. Not only are these solutions useful for managing business processes, but they are often student-friendly and provide additional resources for help.

Look out for the next installment on some of the student-led ventures at the Momentum Startup Accelerator Gala Competition!

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