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For this week’s newsletter, our scrappy band of research-fanatics picked these patterns for you to enjoy .. optimistically highlighting the great cultural divide of post-pandemic party vs. pajama, the unstoppable rise of AI-powered individualized attentionand rethinking brand engagements in a post-chatbot world.

Showdown Between Roaring 20’s And Snoring 20’s
Mixed drinks or mixed signals? Whether it’s nightluxe, cluttercore, cottagecore, goblin mode, folklite or even something else else – one thing’s for sure: there are too many culture trends these days to count, much less name. It’s confusing – depending on who you ask or what publication you’re reading, consumers are either down to go out or stay in. The question ultimately is, why can’t it be both?

Party and go out? Or stay comfy and self-care? Consumers want both
Glamorous, nightlife-centric items, and more comfortable, WFH-on-the-couch consumer categories are growing. Products that let people back out into the world, while keeping some of the highest-growth categories according to new data from Klarna. Glossy

Just in time for summer, “coastal grandmother” lifestyle is taking over
The coastal grandmother aesthetic is taking over TikTok, and even the flyover states. The trend refers to a breezily elegant older woman (think: Diane Keaton in a Nancy Meyers movie, everything Ina Garten) who gravitates toward beachy lifestyles, farm-to-table food, and knit sweaters in neutral tones. It exemplifies the outdoorsy, escapist, and effortlessly stylish-yet-cozy “vibes” consumers are chasing this summer. Fashionista

Go big, go bold, or stay home: maximalist jewelry is having a moment
A new movement embracing sensuality, loudness and excess in all its glory is on the rise, as sartorial maximalism bleeds into accessories and consumers. The Face

“Dirty” Shirley Temples is the drink of the summer
Nostalgic, colorful and unapologetically sweet, the Dirty Shirley’s “post-suburban ironic” flavor is giving drinkers the go-ahead, after two years of a pandemic, to embrace the colorful and over-the-top. NY Times

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Top brands are offering more personalized experiences using technology that makes their customers feel and heard as unique individuals. Research in PSFK’s latest report shows how algorithms are improving the individualized attention and consumer wants, needs, and expectations from their favorite brands.

Spotify creates a hyper-unique experience tapping emotions and AI
The global audio and media streaming service is expanding its personalization features with the help of artificial intelligence, delivering users the most optimal experience possible. Read More

Red Wing uses 3D tech for faster, optimally customized shoe fittings
The popular shoe and footwear brand is taking in-store personalization with the AI-driven “ultimate fit experience” for its customers. Read More

LivePerson’s AI bots create connections that are anything but artificial
The long standing conversational AI company develops personalized smart-commerce solutions that proactively take consumer intent into account. PSFK

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Post-Chatbot Life: New Interfaces For Brand Interaction
One of the PSFK IQ members chatted this week, “Hey Jeff – what’s the next interface now everyone’s doing chat?” Great Q we thought – and then we scurried away. Sure, there’s been a lot of buzz around livestream, but what are the new ways brands and retailers are interfacing with their customers. Here are some of the acorns we shared:

Voice app lets users gamble on sports while driving
SmartRadio, a voice app from ConnectTravel’s car tech platform, in partnership with SimpleBet and Google’s Android Automotive OS startup, is giving drivers a unique, hands-free way to bet and gamble on sports they’re listening to while on the road: by using their voice. Press Release

Google’s Little Signals experiment wants to revolutionize the notification
Google is building on “calm technology” to deliver notifications through soft signals. The project, called Little Signals, consists of six notification pathways embodied by their own communication method: puffs of air, a button, movements, rhythm, shadows, and taps, all of which promote calm while introducing a less intrusive system of alerts. Little Signals

The rise of vertical video is causing brands to shift strategies
The social-media fueled rise of vertical video entertainment, primarily by TikTok’s rocketship popularity, is leading brands to shoppable short-form content that directly encourages customers to checkout, and moving . Glossy

Branded SMS is the promo new email
Forbes covers how text messages are rising above social-media ads and promotional emails as the channel of choice for customer-brand communication. Brands are seeing impressive results by leveraging the format, but as the bar will definitely get higher. Forbes

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