Why Global Rail Operators Need to Harness Cloud & Disruptive Tech

As Gold Sponsors of Middle East Railways in Abu Dhabi 2022, we were given the opportunity to present our thoughts on ‘why global rail operators need harness disruptive tech’.

Our short webinar presentation is so full of insights and valuable takeaways about cloud technology in the rail industry that we wanted to share it publicly too.

You can watch the video here.

Rail operators need to harness cloud technology in order to evolve with the times

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In summary, our presentation covers the following:

  • The changes and challenges the rail sector will face in the coming years;
  • The part disruptive technology like cloud and SaaS will play in answering those challenges;
  • How the passenger experience evolves as customer demands and expectations become more sophisticated;
  • the benefits of rail-tech, including network-wide visibility and automation;
  • why smart, “open” systems need to be replaced with “closed”, site-specific platforms;
  • how cloud-powered solutions are better for the environment;
  • why IoT sensors and remote monitoring tools are crucial for rail safety;
  • how big data and metaverse experiences can be created and leveraged by the rail industry;
  • the features and benefits of depotCONNECT® and safeNet ™;
  • And our predictions for what the future might hold in store for the rail sector.

If you like a copy of the slide deck, please feel free to download PowerPoint here: Cloud & Disruptive Tech in the Rail Industry

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If you have any questions at all about rail-tech or complete turnkey of our wide range, cloud-powered depot solutions, please get in touch and one of our rail specialists will do their best to assist you. We’d also love to get your thoughts on disruptive technology in the rail industry and what might be coming down the track.

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